MAKE IT OR BREAK IT “At the Edge of the Worlds” Review

Make It or Break It - At the Edge of the Worlds

The finale episode “At the Edge of the Worlds” brings MAKE IT OR BREAK IT to a satisfactory midseason end, but still leaves viewers with enough questions to want to learn what happens next. Bela Karolyi guest stars in this episode. I generally dislike these types of special appearances, but Karolyi has such a distinct personality and strong public image as a gymnastics coach, that he didn’t stick out too much on the episode. He fit into the atmosphere of the show. At the very least, he put Ellen Beals in her place.

Ellen calls a meeting to determine whether Sasha should continue to coach. The National Committee fires him; and he is suspended from The Rock. She takes over as coach. You can hear the shivers going down the girls’ spines.

The date of the World Team Trials is moved to Friday, which coincides with Emily’s court date. She just can’t catch a break. Damon runs into Chloe, working as bartender at a strip club. She tells him that Emily is in trouble. Damon offers to call his stepfather Walter, who is a lawyer and a jerk. He gets her court date postponed, but Ellen intercepts a call for Sasha from the judge on the case. Ellen suggests that Emily needs to be reprimanded.

Austin is fully aware of Kaylie’s disease and her antics to cover up the eating disorder. He tries to persuade her not to compete, but it falls on deaf ears. He goes directly to her parents to warn them about Kaylie’s situation.

Sasha and Summer passionately kiss; but she ends up in church, contemplating her value system and praying for God to “tell me who to love”. Enter a grieving Steve. Summer advises Steve that Lauren needs to know that she was loved by her mother. He confesses to Lauren that he prevented her mother from seeing her; she did not abandon Lauren.

Sasha offers to continue coaching Payson, because he promised to get her to the Olympics. During their practice session, Sasha assures Payson that he wouldn’t leave the other girls with no one to look out for them. He is referring to his father Demetri (Bela Karolyi), whose arrival consequently kicks Ellen down a couple notches. Later Sasha forces the National Committee to watch Payson, now an artistic gymnast.

The girls falter as their troubles weigh on their hearts and minds. While everyone makes the Team in the end, Kaylie and Emily must deal with the consequences of their actions. Will their positions on the Team be safe? Will Austin and Damon return to support Kaylie and Emily through their ordeals? Lauren grieves for her mother; how will her relationship with her father be affected, knowing what he did? Will Summer get back together with Steve? Sasha mistakenly feels responsible for not protecting the girls, and leaves with just a note to Payson. How will Payson figure into all this; how will she fare without Sasha? Will he be back to coach the girls? What do you want to see happen on Make It or Break It?