LOUIE “God” Review

Louie CK (FX)
I would have no problem with going to church on a regular basis if the services consisted of Louis C.K. discussing stories from the Bible with his own flair. Sadly, the early glimpse of humor within Louie’s first standup set and the opening glory hole scene at the gas station in this week’s episode of LOUIE ‘God’ is fleeting. Many comics have tackled the subject of religion, and their own personal histories with it, but this episode was truly mind blowing to me.

As a person who attended parochial school up until I was 15 years old, I understand the effect this type of teaching has on a young kid. While I wasn’t Catholic, many of my friends were so I was clued in on the guilt that is associated with many of the teachings in the religion. And it seems so does Louis C.K. as well. Guilt seems to be a common thread in Louie/Louis’ stand up, whether it be from a belief of a personal responsibility of crucifying Christ or fear of poor parenting. And it’s an easy parallel for those who grew up being taught the guilt to revert to it throughout their life.

When we are brought back to Louie’s childhood and his religious curriculum at his school, we are shown another glimpse at the ‘demons’ this comedian is constantly wrestling. Louie’s inability to understand the seriousness of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ provokes his nun teacher to bring in an ‘FBI agent’ to replay the horrific scene for a church filled with elementary school kids. Talk about some hard knocks there. Not sure what I would have done after being asked to crucify my friend in front of room filled of my peers at the age of 9, but I certain some scaring would remain. In response, Louie wakes up from a panicked nightmare and runs to church to take Jesus of off the cross.

When his young mother, who coincidentally is the same actress who played his date in the “Bully” episode, asks him why he did this he exclaims that it’s his fault that Jesus died. His mother is shocked that her young son is learning this, especially when she is indifferent to even the existence of God, she lets Louie know it isn’t’ his fault – basically negating years of Catholic teachings. But her declaration that Louie needs to be a good person “whether God exists or he doesn’t” is a much welcomed statement on TV anywhere. And in ‘God’ the portrayal of his mother as a young woman doesn’t resemble the woman we met a few episodes ago in “Mother,” who was self-centered and pointedly mean. His young mother was open, funny and reassuringly calming, even after her son removed a statue of Christ from a cross in church. The episode ends with a chipper set, once again poking fun at religion – this time being the Commandments – and we see the affects of years of guilt – hilarious stand up. While this episode lacked in overt humor, it allowed us to see a deeper side of Louie – both the character and the person.

Next week’s double lineup of episodes will be the season finale and I will for sure miss Louie until next year. What have has everyone else thought about the show? Which has been your favorite episode so far?