HUGE “Parents’ Weekend Part 2” Review

huge episode 9

Fun and games continue with the parents during the midseason finale “Parents’ Weekend Part 2”. This episode of HUGE leaves us with more questions than answers. Unlike the other episodes, there is an unfinished feeling to this one. It is probably done purposefully in anticipation of future new episodes, but I’m just left with the thought, “That’s it? That was the big summer finale?”

Amber and Will sneak into the dining hall and gorge on brownies, though Amber just chews and spits it out. George spies them sneaking back and later confronts Will, who completely has no respect for him and orders him not to tell her what to do. The next day Salty gives Will a look, expressing that he knows what she did.

Salty suddenly quits his job at the camp. He reveals to a very hurt Dr. Rand that he married again (the name Joyce tattooed on his arm), and that Dr. Rand has a troubled 15-years-old sister in need of help.

Ian is upset about his parents getting divorced. Trent, Ian, and Will play a song for the parents, instantly forming a band. Amber is upset after seeing George talk to another girl, so Ian chases after her. They kiss, leaving Ian dazed. Will takes out her frustrations on Becca, who shows jealousy when she notes that Will and Amber have been talking a lot lately. Becca finally expresses her anger towards Will about always being her second choice and not a trusted confidante. She also asks Chloe why they stopped being friends.

Alistair cuts up his shirt and puts on a necklace that he found.

An underlying theme that has run through all the episodes of Huge is the campers’ need to be seen as who they truly are, not to be someone who is invisible to others. Strangely enough, this desire may be why the campers are overweight in the first place, as well as why they have problems in their relationships with their parents. Emotions, resulting from something deemed unattainable or from being misunderstood, lead to compensation through eating. This starts a vicious cycle of negative feelings. This sort of emotional eating is why the campers are at camp. However, clearly our campers have a long way to go in their journey to find themselves.

Until we are able to return to Huge and Camp Victory, I leave you with these questions to ponder. Is George in love with Amber? Does Amber have an eating disorder? What is the story with her kleptomania (mentioned by her mom)? What does Chloe mean when she tells Becca that they aren’t friends anymore because she wanted to be a different person (the start of her sex life perhaps)? What was the scene with Alistair about? Have we determined whether Will is truly okay with her body or just hiding insecurities? Any thoughts?