Frances Conroy Checks Into GREY’S ANATOMY

Frances Conroy

Six Feet Under matriarch Frances Conroy will be checking into Seattle Grace this season. TV Guide Reports she will guest star on GREY’S ANATOMY as a patient named Eleanor who may or not have a problem with blackouts.

It seems that Eleanor’s alleged blackout happened just when she got to a laundromat and found her husband folding another woman’s panties. That would definitely do it, but the doctors will have to get to the bottom of what really happened.

In other Grey’s Anatomy news, Entertainment Weekly reports that Ryan Devlin (Cougar Town) will reprise his role as the husband of Mary, Mandy Moore’s colostomy bag wearing character. It was previously reported that Moore would return in the sixth episode of the new season. Now we know Devlin will appear in both the sixth and seventh episodes, which begs the question of what exactly happens in that sixth episode.

The seventh season of Grey’s Anatomy premieres on ABC Thursday, September 23 at 9pm/8 central. You can find all the fall premiere dates and times here.