WEEDS “A Yippity Sippity” Review

WEEDS (Showtime)--"A Yippity Sippity"

The older Botwins/Newmans find scab work at a hotel in the “A Yippity Sippity” episode of WEEDS, leaving Shane to watch over Stevie. Nancy becomes a maid, Silas a bellhop, and Andy a dishwasher, but Nancy can’t quit the drug trade, so she finds an in through a medical marijuana office. Before you can even say Yippity Sippity, she’s mixing up her first batch of hash in the hotel`s laundry room.

Nancy’s “The Newmans will be different-normal” vow lasted about as long as I expected, but hey, hash is different. Nancy, Silas, and Shane have the best exchange of the night when Silas asks, “What if you had gotten a real job when Dad died and we could have skipped all this?” Nancy’s rambling explanation of how they would have ended up in the same spot is both hilarious and remarkably logical. We then go over to the dark (er) side when Silas asks Shane if he would have killed someone if Nancy had worked at the Gap instead of selling drugs. Shane’s nonchalant shrug and “Probably” is creepy perfection. The kid’s a full-on sociopath now.

Stevie’s stroller breaks and Shane tries to buy one but with his $100 he could only buy a cup holder–the Yippity Sippity. Instead, he finds one to steal, and no, Silas, it’s not a good idea to leave Pebbles with Bam Bam.

Silas picks up extra tips by reading kids’ make your own adventure books to a guest while wearing only his tightey whities. Love the “Let’s focus on the less” exchange. Nancy has to clean up after a handcuffed guest’s golden shower, while Andy tries and fails to find an in with the cranky chef. I might decide to sell hash, too, if I had to work there.

The episode begins with Audra doing a random interview about Andy and ends with Doug wandering into the former Botwin home in Ren Mar with a bucket of chicken. Soon he has a gun in his face instead of a drumstick. The marijuana sellers make a terrific counterpoint to Nancy–both when she was an innocent just starting out way back when and the cynical, bottom line dealer she is now.

This episode of Weeds is a necessary and funny stepping stone–Nancy’s brief flirtation with ideals disappears when she realizes how hard the work is. The only true thing she says to the guy who tries to pick her up is that she has a history of killing anything that could conceivably actually work out, and it looks like she’s staying true to form. Meet the Newmans, same as the old Botwins. Nancy has a point, though. This is their normal.

What did you think of “A Yippity Sippity?” Would the Botwins have ended up in the same place even if Nancy had worked at the Gap? How long until Shane kills someone else?

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