THE CLOSER “War Zone” Review


On tonight’s episode of THE CLOSER, “War Zone,” Brenda made a decision that left me reeling. We know Brenda is tough as nails and utterly ruthless when she needs to be, but, wow, she may have crossed a line tonight. Or not. I still can’t decide. One thing I’m sure about is that “War Zone” is one of the most amazing episodes The Closer has ever done.

It started with Brenda going up against the US Army, the FBI, and Pope in order to try to solve the murders of three soldiers just returned from Afghanistan. It turned out to be a case of mistaken identity between twin brothers. How does one brother join the army while the other ends up in a gang? I guess they both “joined up” in their own way, albeit in very different organizations.

The Army Major, played by Gary Cole, was quick to call this a terrorist act and was eager to go all “Chicken Little” and ruin any advantage Brenda had. It was his fault (and Pope’s) that they ended up giving immunity to a man who killed an elderly storeowner and an eight-year-old boy. At least Major Dorcet lightened up a really intense episode with his comments to Fritz (Major Dorcet: “Thank god. You have to help me with this woman.” and Major Dorcet: “My opinion, she needs to get laid.” Fritz: “Hmmm…I don’t think that’s the problem, really.”).

During the interview with Turell/T-Ball, Kyra Sedgwick proved why she won the Emmy last night. The anger that flashed in her eyes while he was confessing to shooting the little boy was scary. Her performance during that scene was brilliant.

So let’s talk about that ending and the decision Brenda made to leave Turell at the curb, his death almost certain. She even said to him, “Don’t worry, Turell. I have a feeling I’ll be looking into your eyes again very, very soon.” And we know she had planned this ahead of time because she cut the video feed in the control room and gave Reggie all the phone calls he wanted. I know Turell was a coldblooded murderer, but that was just ruthless, even for Brenda. A few episodes ago, when she busted the doctor that was performing vigilante justice, Brenda was horrified and asked who made him God? Here, she chooses to let the gang take care of its own. What’s the difference?

I really think this was one of the most well written episodes of The Closer ever. We all probably predicted that the immunity agreement was a bad idea, but I didn’t expect everything to play out like it did. It makes me wonder how morally ambiguous the writers are willing to make Brenda’s character.

Well, the other big event in this episode was that Chief Pope finally apologized, though I think it was overshadowed by everything else going on. Still, it was nice to see them patch things up.

So what did you think of Brenda’s decision? Did she go too far? Do you think it could hurt her chances for the promotion to Chief of Police? Let me know in the comments!

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