Private Web Series

PRIVATE is a best-selling book series by Kate Brian. In 2009 adapted it for television and released it as a collection of web episodes and in August 2010 the episodes were released on DVD. It comes from the executive producers of Gossip Girl and The Vampire Diaries, which I have to admit got me interested in checking it out.

The story is about a regular girl named Reed Brennan that gets accepted to the elite and prestigious Easton Academy. She doesn’t come from money or connections which makes her strand out from the other kids on campus. What makes it worse is that she’s enrolled in the Billings dorm, an exclusive, typically invite-only, dorm where the campus queen bees live.

The show is a bit like a darker version of Gossip Girl or Pretty Little Liars. There are secrets on campus that Reed is still learning. For example, that girl that lived in her room before her died. Was it suicide like everyone says? Was the dead girl dating Reeds new boyfriend whom everyone tells her to stay away from? And why does head mistress of the dorms think there is something special about Reed? Trying to discover the answers to these questions is what will keep you interested in watching this otherwise mediocre DVD.

If I was to rate this as a web series I’d give it an 5 out of 5. The plot and production value are much better than what you’d expect for something released online. However, if I was to rate this as a DVD I’d have to give it lower marks. The acting is pretty bad and all the Neutrogena plugs were out of place off the web. Also, the main character Reed is extremely annoying. The other girls in the house nick name her “trailer park” and order her around like shes their slave and she goes along with it to fit in. Personally, this isn’t something I’d recommend as a purchase even though it is entertaining.

Here are the DVD Bonus Features:

PRIVATE: The Casting Call
Meet the PRIVATE cast
Our PRIVATE crushes
Meet the Billings Girls
Meet the screenwriters
Life of a Hollywood writer
Secrets of the script
Sneak Peek at a PRIVATE prequel