Mokibobolink’s Top 5 Favorite TV Shows: #2 – STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION

Star Trek: The Next Generation cast

Once again I’d just like to point out that though it seems like a really easy thing to pick out your five favorite TV shows of all time, it’s really kinda not. When I start to think about all the shows that I’ve watched, it’s a bit overwhelming. I struggled between picking ones that are on the air now, those that had a major influence on my life and those that were an important part of my childhood. I felt like I was standing in front of a box of cute puppies, each one of them wagging their tails as if to say “pick me!”. In the end, I decided to do a little bit of everything – favorites of the past, favorites of the present and most influential.

Next up is STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION and the title pretty much says it all. It’s about the next generation of people who came after the famous Captain Kirk on the original Enterprise. Set about 100 years after the original series, it’s even more diverse than the first, having not only women on the crew and families living on board, but also aliens and even a sentient android (Data, who was my favorite character on the show). Like the original, this is about a group of people exploring the deepest parts of the universe and boldly going where “no one has gone before” (to quote the famous opening line to each episode).

What I love about it.

When I first heard there was a show being made called Star Trek: The Next Generation, I scoffed a bit. The original series was before my time but I had watched it in reruns my whole life and as a know-it-all teenager, I assumed that they couldn’t improve it. After the pilot aired, a friend of mine told me how incredible it was and said I simply HAD to see it. I took her advice and after that, I was in love too.

I loved how diverse the cast was. Again, not just in terms of people of both sexes but also all races and colors, in addition to various and assorted aliens and the odd android or too. With so many types of people to choose from, Star Trek: TNG was able to do episodes on a wide variety of subjects. Some were political, some were action and adventure, some were romantic and some were downright hysterical – like one of my favorites – an episode called “The Naked Now”, which was about the entire crew contracting a virus that gets rid of all their inhibitions with hilarious results.

I loved all the new gadgets and one of my favorites was the holodeck. Due to the fact that the crew was meant to be in space for many years, the holodeck was added as a place for them to get away. They could program it to be anywhere or even any time in history. Because of that one device, we got episodes where the crew was dressed in 1920’s attire and battling it out with tommy guns, or running around in tights and shooting bows in medieval England.

Also, I can’t get away without mentioning the fact that this show was another one that had a huge influence on my life. After my friend told me about it, we both became completely obsessed with it and bought magazines, talked about it relentlessly, sketched pictures of our favorite characters – heck, she even used to record the episodes on cassette so that she could listen to them later (this was way before iPods of course). It was me though, who had the idea to take it one step further after receiving a card in the mail from a company putting on a large Star Trek convention. To this day I still don’t know how they got my name or address, but I will always be grateful to Creation Entertainment for sending me that little card. When I got it, I told my friend about it and we bought our tickets straight away, which is how I attended my first ever convention. The rest, as they say, is history as I now go to at least three a year for different shows and genres.

Why you should watch it.

First off, if you watched the original Star Trek and liked it, you’re going to love this show. Take it from someone who loved the original herself and was dubious about it.

Even if you’ve never seen the original but you enjoy other sci fi stuff like Battlestar Galactica or Star Wars, you will love this show.

The characters were richly written, with many story arcs that span not just one, but many seasons.

The special effects were amazing, even when watched with an eye trained to spot CGI in this day and age.

You’ll finally be able to join in the debate about who the better captain was – Kirk or Picard.

And last but not least – there’s a holodeck, a freaking HOLODECK.. it doesn’t get much cooler than that.

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