TRUE BLOOD “Fresh Blood” Review

True Blood (HBO) Deborah Ann Woll

Tonight’s new episode of TRUE BLOOD “Fresh Blood” started with an awesome In Memoriam video of all the people that had died in the previous three seasons. I realized I had actually forgotten some of these people.

But now on to more important things, tonight’s episode! While I expected a little more to happen throughout the episode given that there is only one episode left after that, “Fresh Blood” totally redeemed itself in the end. But before I get into that, let’s talk about the episode.


That V trip he took with Jesus continues to haunt him and I cannot see anything good coming out of it. I knew Jesus was too good to be true. Dammit. I am curious to find out what the whole deal is with these hallucinations though, they kind of freak me out.


So Crystal’s not a shapeshifter, but a Werepanther… Ok. Am I the only one who finds that kind of lame? What does a werepanther do? Do they have any powers?

Jessica and Hoyt

These two are becoming the new Sookie and Bill with Jessica starting to bite Hoyt.

But more importantly, we found out that Hoyt’s ex-girlfriend was set up by his mom, who is determined to free her son of Jessica. It’s not looking good for her, not looking good at all and I’m afraid to find out what’s going to happen next.

Please don’t let these two get separated again.


Arlene tries to get rid of her “evil” baby, but even with the help of a wiccan (yes turns out we have wiccan in True Blood now too) Renee’s baby is determined to be born. I personally don’t understand why Arlene is so freaked out, just because Renee is the father doesn’t mean that the baby will go all psych killer, especially if Terry raises him/her. But it sure makes for an interesting storyline.

By the way how adorable is Terry?


We’re seeing a whole new side of Sam right now. Not sure if I like it. He used to be too nice, now he’s too out of control. That said, I always have had a soft spot for him, so I hope something exciting happens in the finale!

Oh and speaking of exciting. There was some Tara action tonight. I wonder if that’s going to turn into anything this time around.


Russell finally gets his hands on Sookie with the help of Eric who promised him that her blood would allow him to walk in sunlight. We soon realize that Eric has a plan since we all know that Sookie’s blood doesn’t really work for a long time.

I have to say though, sometimes I wonder if Sookie thinks before speaking because if Eric and Bill had a plan of course they would pretend like her blood had power and of course it would seem like they were turning on her. It’s incredible to me that she can believe their act so easily, especially Bill who has always come through for her. Still I can’t help but love her, she’s Sookie and I always look forward to the next thing that comes out of her mouth.


Now that we know that Sookie’s blood doesn’t work, it leads us to our cliffhanger of the week with an unexpected turn that made the whole episode awesome. Eric lures Russell out in the sun by pretending it doesn’t burn him and then handcuffs him to himself so they can burn together. Now that’s pretty awesome!

Still I have to play devil’s advocate for a second. Couldn’t Russell pull Eric back to safety in the club with him once he realizes that the blood doesn’t really work?

Either way I cannot wait for the finale (although it’s going to be very bittersweet). Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait a couple of weeks to see the final episode because next weekend is labor day which mean no True Blood. Sigh!

I’m done talking (or really writing). Now I want to hear from you. What do you think of the new dynamic between Jessica and Hoyt? What about that crazy cliffhanger scene with Eric and Russell burning in the sun? Share your thoughts below.

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