RUBICON “Look to the Ant” Review

RUBICON Episode 6 Look to the Ant (4)

The fear that Will felt in last week’s RUBICON has turned into paranoia in the episode “Look to the Ant”. But his paranoia is real. Kale takes an unauthorized tour of Will’s apartment. Maggie snoops around Will’s desk. Will is being followed and confronts his stalker by taking the guy’s photo. It is very apropos (and highly entertaining) that the cell phone has more power than a gun.

Out of the blue Kale invites Will to dinner at his house, where Will meets Kale’s partner Walter. Kale reveals that Donald Bloom was killed and that Will’s new focus should be Edward Roy. Full of good news, Kale goes on to inform Will that his home and office are bugged, and that he is drawing too much attention to himself. Will uncovers that Edward Roy is an ex-CIA, who now works at Atlas MacDowell which bought Roy’s former security firm. Is Kale’s offer to help legitimate and done with good intention? (By the way, I completely missed the hints about Kale and Donald Bloom being ex-lovers during their lunch in last week’s episode.)

Maggie lets her daughter Sophie spend the night with ex-husband Craig. Feeling lonely, Maggie calls Will for company, but he is still reeling from learning that “people” are listening to him and watching him. Maggie then invites over a guy she knows from night class. Later on Will shows up at Maggie’s door in a complete frenzy until he is pulled back to reality upon hearing her one-night stand. It’s as if he has a sudden realization that other people continue to lead their normal lives, without the suspicion and fear that he is experiencing. What did he think Maggie could do? I still can’t get a handle on where the character of Maggie stands.

Miles volunteers to spend the night eavesdropping on George Beck’s wedding. He enlists the help of Julia who speaks Urdu. Nothing much comes up, except what seems to be a business related conversation with a woman. Otherwise, it was wedding related. Hearing George’s speech, equating happiness with love and not being alone, was probably like a slap in the face for Miles, in light of his marriage problems.

Based on the article she found last week, Katherine pays a visit to the wife of Gerald Bradley who committed suicide. Tom Rhumor took over Gerald’s seat on Atlas MacDowell. After seeing a framed four-leaf clover in Gerald’s belongings, Katherine senses an ominous connection.

Rubicon is picking up momentum now. With Kale as an extra source of background information, we have access to more details that should reveal more of the mystery. I am waiting for Will and Katherine to combine their search efforts, since their growing suspicions and tenacity in investigating David/Tom’s deaths will inevitably lead them to cross paths again. And two people together can cover more ground than one person, meaning more answers. To end, I have to mention the ingenious use of movement and camera placement/angles (up/down, close/far) in Rubicon, specifically the scenes where Will is searching for bugs in his apartment and when Will is in the computer room. They really invoked Will’s frantic state of panic and paranoia.