Recap: BIG BROTHER 12 Week 9 Head of Household Competition/ Nomination Ceremony

So apparently CBS didn’t think we truly understood what happened during last week’s Big Brother 12 double eviction episode because they felt it necessary to recap it for a whole fifteen minutes? How is the simple and quick elimination of two players who were obviously getting their walking papers so hard to understand that it would necessitate a full 1/4 of tonight’s episode? Are the remaining houseguests this boring?

This season could be hands down the most annoying, with most of the actual ‘players’ already eliminated and a group of folk who were just smart enough to keep themselves and their secret alliance under wraps because they left all the hard work up to one member, who they willingly got rid of last week. Big Brother is best when alliances are constantly evolving, houseguests are winning and the game changes week by week. This week we see Lane trying to literally hand the HOH competition to Enzo, and he still messes it up. Britney is the first to be eliminated and then Enzo from the blackjack ball fight comp game. Lane and Ragan are left to battle it out, and while he wanted it more Ragan is eliminated and Lane is the HOH. We get to see Lane’s HOH room and then he is given the option to open up another Pandora’s Box. Of course, Lane says yes to try and win $10K, but comes away with only $91.17 and thanks to his big winnings unleashes three punishments on the house, the first being the removal of all silverware and glasses from the house.

Ragan knows that he will most likely be up on the block, but he is hoping that his awareness of the Brigade will help him out. Not that he knows the name of the alliance, but he knows he is the only person in the house not in one. As much as Lane likes Britney, he still knows his only true alliance is the Brigade, which is why he wanted Enzo to be the HOH this week. Enzo would have had no issue putting Britney and Ragan up on the block, but Lane’s conscious won’t allow him too put her up – at least not yet. Britney told Lane should would not be put up as a pawn, and he was forced to decide which of his Brigade members would be sitting on the block with Ragan. But Britney didn’t let her protection get in her way of running her mouth to Hayden and telling him he deserves the money more than Lane does.

It finally came time for the nomination ceremony and Ragan was put up against Enzo. Now we have seen Ragan pull himself out of worse situations, so if he does win POV, it will be interesting to see if Britney will still be safe. At this point, I can honestly say that I will not be happy with any of these folks winning the big prize, mainly because skirted under the radar shouldn’t be rewarded. But it’s looking like Hayden will have a pretty nice payday in a few weeks. What do you think about this week’s nominations? If you were in the Brigade, who would you give their walking papers tonight?