PERSONS UNKNOWN “Shadows in the Cave” Review

Persons Unknown (NBC) Episode 13 "Shadows in the Cave"

“Shadows in the Cave”, the thirteenth, and last (hopefully) episode of PERSONS UNKNOWN things come full circle.

It begins with a flashback to when Janet tells Renbe she’s pregnant, which he is not too pleased about. Then she wakes up in San Francisco in a mental hospital sputtering nonsense about the program. She was found wandering in the middle of the road four days prior.

In Morocco Erika and Moira are wandering in burkas. This was so embarrassingly fake. Blackham and Charlie drive past Renbe and Kat in the middle of a desert.

The director predictably poses as a psychiatrist and questions Janet.

Nurse Ratchet gives Janet two pills to take. Janet hides them in her mouth. When she comes in to check on Janet, our heroine knocks her unconscious. Renbe and Kat, in the hospital, are chased, and they see Janet, who runs away from them and to freedom. They are not so lucky.

The director tries to extract information out of Joe who refuses to relinquish it.

Janet finds her daughter. All her kid can say is “I love you mommy.” Not where’ve you been? Are you back for good? Granny’s cooking sucks, can you make the dinner?

It turns out Janet’s mother is with the programme (I did not realize this was a big revelation), and she sends Janet away.

Kat is locked in a cage, Renbe is nowhere to be found, but Ambassador Fairchild is there. McNair is in the white room with the director. He is being tortured. Blackham and Charlie talk philosophically about change.

Now to the final sequence:

When Janet wakes up, her daughter is gone and she’s back in the room in the town. Joe, Renbe, and a bunch of people on one hotel. Janet, Moira, Erika, Charlie, McNair and Blackham in another. Tori Fairchild is the hotel manager with Joe and Renbe. Janet and the others on a really shoddy effects trawler called ‘Level Two’. The name of the ship is, translate, ‘Lost Souls’.

All in all, watching Persons Unknown has brought little enjoyment. Watching boring (they don’t even have the decency to be comically horrific) actors playing Lost meets The Amazing Race whilst spewing off a bland and illogical script is not my idea of enjoyment. If you like your mysteries to wrap up without solving anything, without going anywhere, without comedy or drama, without characters to care about or coherent plots to follow, then Persons Unknown is for you.

What did you think of this season of Persons Unknown? Did the finale leave you satisfied or disappointed? Let me know in the comments below!

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