PERSONS UNKNOWN “And Then There Was One” Review

Persons Unknown (NBC) "And Then There Was One" Episode 12

So episode 11 was skipped by NBC and aired only online which leads us straight to episode twelve called “And Then There Was One” of PERSONS UNKNOWN.

Ulrich is obsessed with Janet, which is really unconvincing, as Janet has the charisma of a broken computer. Joe finds him sniffing over her body and threatens him. Ulrich is given one more opportunity to “preserve his role” before the town is destroyed. The others come to realize the town is deserted. Erika goes psycho when she sees six body bags-meaning only one person will get out alive.

Janet goes to Ulrich, who tells her that they’ll all kill each other except the one survivor. So essentially Persons Unknown like the first ten minutes of Azumi, except so not as cool and far less interesting.

Ulrich and Janet have a romantic moment. I could barf. I almost do when there is a really nauseating scene between Joe and Janet. I have no idea what they said as the camera swivelled around and around I thought my eyes were going to roll out of my sockets.

There is no energy in this show. Not one of the actors has a spark of excitement in their eyes.

In Chinatown in Iowa, Renbe and Kat are being as dull as usual, with Renbe sporting a beard. They meet a man and head to company headquarters and are detained (unfortunately without lethal force) for acting insane. And they do act like lunatics.

A flicker of excitement rolls is when Ulrich leads the others to freedom, but it is a trap for Ulrich. His head explodes. The director just about manages to stop herself cackling. There is a fellow standing behind the her and I swear he has an eye patch.

Janet, Moira and Joe find a blindspot on the camera system and hatch a plan which may have redeemed the show if you try to forget just how lame the actual details of the plan were. Unfortunately, I cannot forget, so:
Lesbian action between Erika and Janet. I never thought I’d see a couple with less chemistry than Renbe and Kat but…well, ta dah!

The worst slap in the history of slaps saw Charlie hitting Janet when he finds that Blackham was missing (and beaten to death on the moniters-no one asked who beat him to death. This has so many holes).
Charlie has a seizure after showcasing a second brand of chivalry and it is revealed he was poisoned.

Moira goes psycho and kills Erika. She slams her head against the door and piano so many times-but there is zero blood and zero bruises-why is the director not suspicious of this? The others catch her red handed. She runs, outrunning McNair (unbelievable) and the others. McNair finds her and chases her to the roofs where she’s about to jump. McNair grabs her and tells her he loves her. She throws him over the side. Seriously-she throws him over.

McNair, and his army training and muscles. Janet kills Moira with a fire extinguisher when Moira tries to kill her. Moira is dead. Boo. Janet is still alive. Boo. Janet and Joe are the only ones left alive. Boo.

Renbe and Kat are released-seriously. They’re released? With all their knowledge and annoyingness?

There’s only one body bag left, for either Joe or Janet.

Joe poisons Janet with a drink and she chokes and dies.

Joe loads up a van with six bodies. The director meets with Joe. She looks like a really strict teacher. He is then tasered by eye patch.

The driver of the van with six body bags is conveniently wearing headphones so he doesn’t hear the others get up out of their body bags. Oh yeah, it was a big deception. They all faked their own deaths which would have been so much more exciting if the way in which they faked them was not so lame. They hijack the van from the driver but they end up crashing it.

The penultimate episode of Persons Unknown was rather disappointing and made little sense.

What did you think? Where you surprised by the final twist or, like me, were you disappointed they couldn’t have done it better? Let me know in the comments below!