LEVERAGE “The King George Job” Review

LEVERAGE (TNT)--"The King George Job"

Nate and company head to London to take down one of Moreau’s top lieutenants by stealing an auction in the “King George Job” episode of LEVERAGE. The team is at Logan Airport, watching Keller because they know he is moving stolen goods. Unfortunately, it’s a child, not Logan who is caught with the merchandise, so the team heads to London to take down the operation and hopefully get another step closer to Moreau. In London, they try a simple auction scam, but Keller is on to them, so Sophie swoops in and offers Keller a lost barony via the diary of King George III’s mistress. He initially bites, but after the auction where he buys Hardison’s masterpiece forgery opts to cut Sophie out of the deal. Instead he’s arrested by Scotland Yard for possession of stolen antiquities the team planted on him and Hardison traces the money Keller used at the auction back to a shell company and federally protected hockey player that seem to have promising connections to Moreau.

We learn that the team is four months into their six month deadline to nab Moreau and this is the first time they’ve had an opportunity to get anywhere near him. Talk about cutting it close. While I wish more Moreau threads had been woven into the season, we get some good build-up to what should be the final confrontation next week.

Keller’s use of kids as mules forces Sophie to wonder what collateral damage she might have caused with her grifting and thefts. Her face when she talks about Keller’s business as “art for blood” is stunningly sad, and I’m thrilled to see this addressed. It’s easy to say you’re just stealing from the rich (not that stealing is ever a good thing), but there is always the possibility of other, unintended victims. It’s even likely with the work the team does now, and we all have our own concept of “acceptable loss.” Thankfully, for most of us–including team–that version doesn’t include a detained child.

Well, we still don’t know Sophie’s real name since Charlotte was just a stage name, but we get quite a glimpse into her past when the Countess of Kensington greets her warmly but bittersweetly. I need to know more about the mysterious William (who seems to be a lot like Nate) and the huge scandal that would make “Charlotte” such a liability. Nate’s face changes from concern to baffled wonder as he goes from “If it’s too hot, get out” when the Countess first arrives to realizing Sophie’s past is so much more complicated than he imagined .

Hardison does the heavy lifting of forging the diary and the boysenberries and goat marrow scramble his brain a little. When Parker backs slowly away from the crazy, you know you’re in trouble. I love his “I’ve hacked history” diatribe and the “woooo!” when the diary is deemed authentic.

Parker is the best worst auctioneer ever. “This is a forgery. *crash*” Hee! Plus, “Does this smell like chloroform to you?” and “Am I going to have to steal a corpse again?” while the rest of team ignores her. That’s not even getting into how much she loves her job as evidenced by her stroking of the vault door. Priceless.

Leverage seasons seem ridiculously short. Next week is the summer finale (they’re holding back three episodes to air later) and from the end of “The King George Job,” we know the team will be stealing a federal witness as they try to deliver Moreau to the Italian. I wish Moreau himself had been developed a bit as a character. As it is, the threat has seemed too abstract, but at least this episode brings him front and center before the finale.

What did you think of “The King George Job?” Do you think Sophie really is a duchess or is this another con? What is the scandal?

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