HUNG “Fat off My Love” or “I’m the Allergen” Review

Ray Hung Season 2
This week’s episode of HUNG finds Lenore on the rampage. After talking to Frances, Lenore confronts Ray at the high school about having sex with Frances and not giving her the 40% cut she is supposed to get. Not wanting to tell her about Mike, Ray tells her that Tanya gave back the money, something that he still believes even though it is the farthest thing from the truth. Lenore, not to be deterred, vows vengenance on everyone until she gets her cut. Ray frantically searches for Tanya who avoids everyone in order to figure out how exactly to handle everyone.

True to her word, Lenore starts exacting revenge on Tanya first. She befriends Horny Patty and convinces Patty that Tanya is a sociopath not to be trusted. Lenore tells Patty that Tanya is spreading rumors that Patty sleeps with male hookers. Horrified that Tanya would spill this closely held secret, Patty decides to mess with Tanya as well. Although she cannot fire Tanya, she belittles her in front of her coworkers until Tanya finally snaps and basically proves that the rumors about being a sociopath could be true.

We also see Tanya running again. A lot. First she runs when she spots Ray at her office after he comes to confront her about Frances’ money. Of course, Patty thinks he is there for her and tries to entice him into her office. Tanya mad dashes around like Olive Oil from a Popeye cartoon until she finally lets Ray talk to her outside. After owning up that she took the money and spent it, Tanya then tries to turn it back on Ray indicating that he lied about sleeping with Lenore. This is only after she finds herself running across yet another baseball field. This time it is the old Tiger Stadium. When Ray ponders how everything is about money, Tanya wonders what he thought it was ever about after all she is a pimp and he is a whore. Deep down, however, Tanya knows it is about something else and Charlie the pimp suspects it is too. Will we see a Tanya confession of love for Ray in the finale?

Meanwhile in the Jessica camp, Ronnie is still trying to figure out why Jessica just cannot love him and why even her body is rejecting their marriage. Jessica says perhaps the saddest line ever, that if she is not happy with Ronnie, she doesn’t know what happiness is, while begging Ronnie not to leave her or she would die. Dar happens to overhear this converation and I can only imagine the disgust she felt when she realized that her mother is exactly the type of person she thought she was, man dependent.

Despite the tension in the household, Jessica, Dar and Damon decide to attend an awards gala for Ronnie where he is receiving an award for his Botox work. Unfortunately, also in attendance is the dermatologist that Jessica recently saw about her rash. When he recognizes her and Ronnie realizes she went to see a rival colleague, Ronnie pretty much loses it. When you call out your wife’s rash and possible interest in her ex-husband to a room full of colleagues and strangers, it can be considered pretty much the worst acceptance speech ever. How anyone even managed to clap after that was baffling to me.

In the end, Ray is awoken in the middle of the night by a phone call from Jessica. She has decided to take the plunge, both in the lake and with Ray, all while wearing a formal gown. For those of you rooting for a Jessica and Ray reunion, this is the night for you. How much farther they take it remains to be seen. I have to admit, I kind of like them together.

What did you think about tonight’s episode of Hung? What are you expecting from the season finale airing in two weeks? Do you want Jessica and Ray back together? Do you think Ray will be able to repair his relationship with Mike now that Mike knows Ray used him? Do you think that a love for Ray is what is driving Tanya? Share your thoughts in the comments below.