DROP DEAD DIVA “Freeze the Day” Review

Drop Dead Diva (Lifetime) -- "Freeze the Day"

Claire continues to wreak havoc and Jane wants to finally tell Grayson she’s Deb in the “Freeze the Day” season finale episode of DROP DEAD DIVA. Jane and Grayson represent a woman, Kathy, who wants to cryogenically preserve herself before death. A judge grants the order, based on Kathy’s claim that she has Huntington’s and won’t rescind it when Jane informs him Kathy lied–she just wanted to be with her husband who is already frozen. Kathy changes her mind after Jane convinces her that her work could bring her husband back. Kim and Claire work together on a case until Claire fires her and Grayson asks Jane an important-and unexpected-question.

I’m not sure we’ve seen Kim more vulnerable than when she asks Jane’s advice. “Well, that does explain the drink.” Kim fully expected Parker to hurt her, but she still looks destroyed when Jane tells her she saw him kissing Claire. Sadly, that’s the high point of the episode for her. Claire is quite the devious and unethical attorney. She’s actually fairly two-dimensional, too, and I’m thrilled Parker is throwing her out of the firm. I wish him luck with Kim, though, because she is righteously ticked,. “I’ll make it simple. Your new girlfriend just fired me.” Terrific final shot with Kim playing her trump card of Claire’s fake blackmailing scheme.

The Stacy and Fred commercial subplot makes me reconsider how much I like them. Well, technically it makes me gag, but I’m in a generous mood. This is exactly the cutesie, forced shtick I despise and that I thought the writers were avoiding nicely. Fred and Stacy are better on their own: Stacy supporting Jane when she talks about putting lives on hold because of grief and Fred gently but firmly reminding Jane about the rules about telling Grayson.

After Jane does decide reveal her Deb self to Grayson, she goes to the bar, daydreams her fantasy wedding (Hi, Paula Abdul!), and then whammo: Grayson asks her to be best man at his wedding to Vanessa. While Jane was dreaming of recapturing her past, Grayson was grabbing his future. It was made even more heartbreaking by how in sync they were at the beginning of the conversation. Then Jane’s nervous laughter and the thousand emotions that flash across her face before the choked “no.” Oh, Brooke Elliot, you are a goddess.

I wish the episode had ended there. The resulting crash feels almost anticlimactic. As for Grayson saying “Deb,” well here’s where the questions start. Does he actually recognize Jane as Deb or is this akin to the haunted house where he “saw” Deb because he needed to? Will he even remember when he recovers from his injuries? I’m not sure if he did recognize the Deb part of Jane, but whatever happened, I’m guessing he won’t remember. It’s just too early in the series for Jane and Grayson to get together, and this is quite the stall tactic. Jane will probably feel guilty about the accident, she’ll torture herself wondering what Grayson meant, and she’ll have to watch Vanessa nurse Grayson back to health. Ouch all around.

And so ends the second season. Jane is both closer to and farther from Grayson, Deb, and old Jane. Fred and Stacy are together; Kim and Parker aren’t, and I still care about all of them. Drop Dead Diva really is my comfort show–even when it’s sad, it’s like a cozy blanket that makes me feel good and I’m already looking forward to next season.

What do you all think? Did Grayson see that Jane is Deb? If he did, will he remember? How much will Parker have to grovel? Is this a satisfying end to the season? Let’s talk about it in the comments.

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