DROP DEAD DIVA “Freeze the Day” Review

Drop Dead Diva (Lifetime) -- "Freeze the Day"

Claire continues to wreak havoc and Jane wants to finally tell Grayson she’s Deb in the “Freeze the Day” season finale episode of DROP DEAD DIVA. Jane and Grayson represent a woman, Kathy, who wants to cryogenically preserve herself before death. A judge grants the order, based on Kathy’s claim that she has Huntington’s and won’t rescind it when Jane informs him Kathy lied–she just wanted to be with her husband who is already frozen. Kathy changes her mind after Jane convinces her that her work could bring her husband back. Kim and Claire work together on a case until Claire fires her and Grayson asks Jane an important-and unexpected-question.

I’m not sure we’ve seen Kim more vulnerable than when she asks Jane’s advice. “Well, that does explain the drink.” Kim fully expected Parker to hurt her, but she still looks destroyed when Jane tells her she saw him kissing Claire. Sadly, that’s the high point of the episode for her. Claire is quite the devious and unethical attorney. She’s actually fairly two-dimensional, too, and I’m thrilled Parker is throwing her out of the firm. I wish him luck with Kim, though, because she is righteously ticked,. “I’ll make it simple. Your new girlfriend just fired me.” Terrific final shot with Kim playing her trump card of Claire’s fake blackmailing scheme.

The Stacy and Fred commercial subplot makes me reconsider how much I like them. Well, technically it makes me gag, but I’m in a generous mood. This is exactly the cutesie, forced shtick I despise and that I thought the writers were avoiding nicely. Fred and Stacy are better on their own: Stacy supporting Jane when she talks about putting lives on hold because of grief and Fred gently but firmly reminding Jane about the rules about telling Grayson.

After Jane does decide reveal her Deb self to Grayson, she goes to the bar, daydreams her fantasy wedding (Hi, Paula Abdul!), and then whammo: Grayson asks her to be best man at his wedding to Vanessa. While Jane was dreaming of recapturing her past, Grayson was grabbing his future. It was made even more heartbreaking by how in sync they were at the beginning of the conversation. Then Jane’s nervous laughter and the thousand emotions that flash across her face before the choked “no.” Oh, Brooke Elliot, you are a goddess.

I wish the episode had ended there. The resulting crash feels almost anticlimactic. As for Grayson saying “Deb,” well here’s where the questions start. Does he actually recognize Jane as Deb or is this akin to the haunted house where he “saw” Deb because he needed to? Will he even remember when he recovers from his injuries? I’m not sure if he did recognize the Deb part of Jane, but whatever happened, I’m guessing he won’t remember. It’s just too early in the series for Jane and Grayson to get together, and this is quite the stall tactic. Jane will probably feel guilty about the accident, she’ll torture herself wondering what Grayson meant, and she’ll have to watch Vanessa nurse Grayson back to health. Ouch all around.

And so ends the second season. Jane is both closer to and farther from Grayson, Deb, and old Jane. Fred and Stacy are together; Kim and Parker aren’t, and I still care about all of them. Drop Dead Diva really is my comfort show–even when it’s sad, it’s like a cozy blanket that makes me feel good and I’m already looking forward to next season.

What do you all think? Did Grayson see that Jane is Deb? If he did, will he remember? How much will Parker have to grovel? Is this a satisfying end to the season? Let’s talk about it in the comments.

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  • Wow. I agree the ending was anticlimactic – I think it probably would have been more fun if he’d called her Deb BEFORE the car hit him, and then have it end there. Mostly because I’m sadistic like that. Oddly though I think Parker was the one that interested me most over the two episodes. His softer side is a delight to watch, I wish we saw more of it.

    (And really, Vanessa getting upset when Grayson decided they were moving too fast? Wonder whether she’ll just ditch him or rush him into marriage as soon as he leaves hospital? That’s if they don’t pull a Jane/Deb-type switch with him too. Can you imagine?)

    • You know, I actually can imagine them doing a Deb/Jane thing with Grayson. Hmmm. He dies (sorry, Grayson) and finds out Deb came back to Earth to be with him, so he opts to come back, still without knowing Jane was Deb.

      It’s just crazy enough to work because they would be on equal footing for the first time. Grayson has already grieved for Deb, and Jane would have a chance to grieve for Grayson and then they could find each other and fall in love as they actually are.

      I wonder who Grayson would come back as.

      Totally agree about Parker, by the way. I have to admit, I’ve been more invested in Kim/Parker than Jane/Grayson this season. I like them together and I stubbornly insist it’s still too early for Jane/Grayson as they have been this season. Pretty sure I’m in the minority there, though. 🙂

    • Ha! I still don’t like Kim too much – though she’s growing on me – but I do quite like her and Parker. More so because it’s making Parker be the man you know he secretly wants to be.

      I don’t know if I could stand Grayson in another body. This one is too damn adorable. Can we just have him body swap with someone and keep this body alive too? 😉 (Just thought: maybe they’ll do the old standby of amnesia, so he forgets Deb altogether. Then Jane would have no choice but to make him love HER as she is now.) Roll on season 3.

    • Ah, amnesia. It’s a classic for a reason. 😉 Oh, and there’s no way Vanessa would stick around for that.

      I’ll take any scenario that gets Jane to really think about who she is now instead of centering her feelings around old Deb because with all of her new life (not to mention death) experiences, she’s not that person anymore and makes her want Grayson to love that person she’s become. No settling for Oh, you’re Deb so I love you business.

      It occurs to me I’m just about as picky as Vanessa. I think I’ll go sit in a corner now.

  • Ms. Unexpected

    I love the first half of the finale but when it was time for Jane to reveal that she was actually Debb, I was a bit disappointed because she still doesn’t get the point that she needs to be comfortable and accept who she is and not who she was.

    I think Grayson will suffer from Amnesia in the next season. It’s the wise thing to do and they can’t just switch to a new actor because the fans are rooting on him.

    This season I like the ups and down’s of Kim and Parker’s characters. They’ve learned so much from season 1 and they definitely brings out the best in each other. I like how they try to be the man/woman they each other deserve. Though too much heartache for both of them for the finale. I like to see more of them in the next season.

    I hope things will not be too complicated in Season 3 because they are already on the right track and too much color on the story might lead to lesser audience. And they MUST return this year or first quarter next year, not after a year or two.

    DDD fan from the Philippines

    • I really thought Jane had been doing better in the accepting herself department through the first half of this season and then she seemed to backslide. I want her to love herself as she is now, not just as she remembers Deb before she and Grayson even think about getting together. Stacy does–she loves both Deb and Jane and Jane could take a lesson.

      I think it will get complicated next season, but I think the writers will keep a handle on it. There’s so much potential for both drama and hilarity if Grayson really doesn’t remember anything.

      I’m looking forward to Parker and Kim finding their way back to each other. It won’t be easy, but it should be a good journey.

    • Ms. Unexpected

      I really hope the show will have a third season. It’s just unfair to leave us all hanging if they will just axed the series. I’m certain that things will be better next season… if there’s next.

    • I know-it’s tough waiting fo rnetworks to make and announce final decisions. I’m in that boat with a couple of shows, but I’m pretty confident Drop Dead Diva will be back.

  • erika

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Can’t believe season 2 ended yesterday! 🙁 What I’m I to do now? This my favorite show!!! Grayson+Jane/Deb= match made in heaven!! Can’t wait for season 3!

  • erika

    Season 3 has to happen!! I’m be really upset if they cut the series! Drop Dead Diva all the way:)

    • I really think there will be a season three. That was a big cliffhanger, so I have to believe the producers had every reason to think there would be a season three.

  • Chels

    I agree I wish that Graysen would have called Jane Deb before he got hit by the car that would be a little better. I did love the drama though. What I don’t understand is why Graysen told Jane they had such great chemistry and then went on to ask her to be his best man. Clearly there is more to his emotions then meets the eye since Jane is the one that Graysen goes to for his problems in both work and personal life. I am so into Graysen if he dies or gets put into another body and we don’t see Jackson Hurst play Graysen in the next series I am going to be so disappointed I might not watch the show anymore.

    As for Kim and Parker I used to not like the idea but as I watched the relationship grow I grew to like the relationship.

    That being said I am more into the relationship of Jane and Graysen then Kim and Parker. I still do not like the idea of Vanessa and I think that Jane is so much prettier and has a better personality.

    I can’t wait for season 3 and see how this all pans out and i hope to god we don’t lose Graysen– cause I love him.

    • Don’t get me wrong–I want Grayson and Jane together–just not yet. 🙂

      I don’t think for one second, all teasing aside, that we’ll lose Grayson. He’s an incredibly popular character and we’re invested in him. The end game is Grayson and Jane–they just want to make the ride twisty and turny, and I think this will help them do that next season.

  • Savetoni

    I believe that the reason why Grayson said “Deb” may be because he died for a moment or his spirit had gone to heaven and back (seemed very quick but then again heaven time and earth time are completely different) and was endowed with the knowledge of the Deb and Jane connection, that Jane is in fact, Deb. I agree that the writers probably wouldn’t have Grayson find out so soon in the series but it is very fun to consider. Who knows, next season could start out with Grayson’s trip to heaven and back or if your theory is correct, it could be just that he is hallucinating. The car accident was god playing his role, either stopping deb from revealing herself, or heaven showing grayson the only way he could ever truly believe that Jane is Deb. In any other case, if she just came out and said it, Grayson could accuse Jane of being malicious, sick and insane. Him taking the trip to heaven would be the only sure way of him believing such a thing could happen. Which is him seeing it with his own eyes. Whichever is the case, I’m in pain waiting for the next season.

    • It’s not so much that I think he was hallucinating–it’s far more likely he did recognize Deb, either through death or dying–it’s just that I’m pretty sure he won’t remember it next season because it is so early in the series.

      Excellent point that the accident may have been to prevent Jane from breaking the rules and telling him, and I also agree he wouldn’t believe her, anyway. It shocked me that Jane seemed convinced all she had to do was tell Grayson the insane story that she was Deb (being true doesn’t make it any less insane) and she would get her happily ever after.

      There are a lot of possibilities for next season now, so it should be a fun ride.

    • Shabab

      I actually think now that Grayso could go to ‘heaven’ and while he is a ghost he goes bact to his office and when he sees Jane he sees Deb inside her body and he faints while being a ghost, and when he wakes up he is in hospital and thinking about if it was a dream or that he was really in heaven.

    • That’s definitely a possibility, Shabab. I really have no idea how they’re going to handle this, which makes it even more fun. 🙂

  • Poppy

    Great finale. My question is: Why was Fred present when the accident occurred? Is he able, as her guardian angel, to manipulate the situation to prevent Jane from changing her fate?

    • That’s a good question. I don’t think he can manipulate fate, but I’ll bet he got a head’s up about the accident so he could be there for Jane.

  • Gwen

    I don’t think that Grayson’s soul will end up in someone else’s body, that would make the show too repetitive.

    All the same, I would hate Grayson with no memories of Deb, because I love them as a couple… Too picky?!

    Maybe he saw a glimpse of Deb, but surely he’s not dead, that would kind of crush the show’s spirit.

    And I love Fred, but let’s put a stop to all these “angels rules” because Jane HAS to tell Grayson the truth!

    As for Kim and Parker…I think that they will sort things out in season 3, so that both of them can become more…human.

    • There’s no such thing as too picky when it comes to television. We all what we want when we want it. 🙂 Of course, we don’t always get it, but that’s part of the fun, too.

  • Shabab

    Couldn’t it just be another one of Jane’s dreams even though she was dreaming while waiting, it could just be yet another dream. Also how cool would it be if the same thing happens to Grayson asit did to Deb, what if Grayson hits the return button and he becomes another person and then Jane falls in love with the new body that is Grayson not knowing it is Grayson and when (hopefully in the series 3 finale) Grayson tells Jane they can’t be together because he loves Vanessa revealing he is Grayson, Jane can then tell Grayson that she is Deb.

    • I guess it could be a dream. I think they left it open to be lots of things and we’ll just have to see how it plays out. Hopefully it will be as creative as what everyone has come up with here in the comments!

  • Jimmy

    tvbythenumbers.com just officially confirmed it, it’s renewed 😀 !!!

    • Gwen

      This is great news! I read that the new season will premiere on 2011…even if it’s only 3 months or so away, I can’t wait!

  • Jimmy

    should i be getting worried about my sexuality seeing as I’m a guy and I like this show???

  • Dlennon59

    How about this? Grayson briefly dies and during his “near death” experience meets the real Jane in Heaven, who he then falls in love with. Suddenly he is hurled back into his body on Earth and remembers everything, but now realizes that Deb was/is a superficial bitch and decides he hates her and wants to be with Jane(dead Jane in Heaven, that is, not alive Deb in Jane’s body on Earth). He then brokers a deal with Parker, who reveals himself to be the Devil, to whom Grayson sells his soul to get his wish of being with Jane(dead Jane in Heaven, that is, not alive Deb in Jane’s body on Earth). Parker(the Devil) grants Grayson’s wish, but only if Grayson proves his allegiance and loyalty by murdering Jane(Deb in Jane’s body on earth). Grayson agrees and kills Jane(Deb in Jane’s body). Parker(the Devil) then arranges for the real Jane in Heaven to come back and possess Kim’s body on Earth and Grayson and she (Jane in Kim’s body) finally get together. But, there is a plot twist. Parker(the Devil) made a pact 200 years earlier with the Korean great, great, great grandmother of Margaret Cho’s character, so he orders Grayson to kill her to satisfy the 200 year old curse. Meanwhile, Jane(in Kim’s body) realizes she doesn’t like that body, because she always hated Kim. So, one night while she’s making love with Grayson, she puts a voodoo hex on him and transfers into his body. So now dead Jane in Heaven jumps from Kim’s body to Grayson’s body. Kim comes out of limbo and resumes control of her own body, but then Grayson(now dead Jane) realizes still hates Kim so he/she murders her. Right before Kim dies, however, Parker (the Devil) consumes her soul and she now inhabits Parker’s body(along with the Devil). Okay – here’s where it gets a little complicated. Somehow, Kim(co-inhabiting Parker’s body with the Devil) woo’s dead Jane(in Grayson’s body) to have a lesbian affair with her(as 2 gay men, of course because Kim and Jane inhabit Parker’s and Grayson’s bodies, respectively). They move to San Francisco and have a gay wedding. The wrap up series finale takes place at an adoption agency, where husbands Grayson and Parker(who are really lesbian Jane and Kim inside), are in the process of adopting an Asian baby, who winds up being the Margaret Cho character reincarnated and full of vengeance and retribution. As the three of them drive off into the sunset, the baby’s(Margaret Cho reincarnated) rattle contains an incendiary device and explodes, killing all of them. Of course, they all wind up back at the drawing board, but this time in Hell, leaving all sorts of possibilities for a sequel. Probably too obvious of a plot though, not enough twists and turns.

  • Just Me

    It took me only a few days to go through the entire seasons 1 – 2.  I never saw them before because I was thinking it would be some attempt to copy Legally Blonde.  But, when I saw the pilot episode, I had to keep going till the end.  The season finale was just amazing.  Talk about a cliff hanger!  Just when everything was going so well for Jane, tragedy had to come her way.  It does make me feel sad, and I hope this accident doesn’t hurt her friendship with Grayson.  I just finished watching it,so I’m still really emotional about it….I can’t wait till season 3 premiers. Only one month to go! 

  • Shantalsocutehenry