DROP DEAD DIVA “Bad Girls” Review

DROP DEAD DIVA (Lifetime) "Bad Girls"

Claire Harrison, the Harrison of Harrison and Parker, needs representation in her divorce while Jane deals with cyber bullying and Grayson’s deepening relationship in the “Bad Girls” episode of DROP DEAD DIVA. Jane represents a girl who wants a picture of herself wearing a bra removed from a popular girl’s website. Unfortunately, when Jane takes the picture to the DA, both girls are arrested for distributing child pornography. The mother is the real bully, though, as Stacy, who so needs to be on the Harrison Parker payroll, discovers. Grayson meets Vanessa’s parents and freaks out, while Claire wants more in a divorce settlement than a napkin contract would allow. Fortunately, she’s a clever girl who knows how to set up her husband for blackmail.

I usually enjoy the musical fantasies, but Jane and Vanessa’s “I Want You to Want Me” showdown falls a little flat for me. It’s cute but not as much fun as usual, though I can’t quite put my finger on it. Too much auto-tune, maybe? Maybe it’s just too frothy with sad Jane’s obsession with reading Grayson’s texts from Vanessa. I’m torn between wanting to hug Jane and tell her everything is going to work out with Grayson and wanting her to shake her and tell her to live the life she has now and stop focusing so much on Deb’s past, which is why I like how Jane and Stacy’s fight plays out. What Jane does or doesn’t do is absolutely up to her, but it’s hard to stand by and watch her suffer, so I don`t blame Stacy for trying to intervene.

Are there really parents who would mention grandchildren the first time they meet their daughter’s new boyfriend? Scary. They came on really strong and I don’t blame Grayson for getting scared. I do blame Vanessa for walking out so abruptly. Kudos to Jane for reminding Grayson about the green and red sweater and the fight that triggered. Jane has such good intentions and she tries to be a good friend, even when little hints of her true wants come through and even when she accidentally hurts herself.

Poor Fred, willing to take one for the team by getting Jane and Stacy mad at him. He and Teri have a nice catch with the wired funds, but it’s Fred’s obsessive need to get to the bottom of the $100,000 that is the real brilliance. Love Kim’s “That’s why my paper clips are sorted by color.” Kim is so proud of his discovery, though: a nice moment in an episode where she is mostly stressed because of Claire. As we see from the kiss Jane witnesses, she has darn good reason, too.

Stacy and Fred are taking it slowly, which is surprisingly sweet. They’re a better match than I expected–not too cutesie and not too overwhelming for the show. They’re also finding much more in common than just Jane, so I think they could work long-term.

“Bad Girls” works well both as a stand alone episode and as the first half of the Drop Dead Diva season finale. Good character interaction all around, though I hope Claire’s stay will be short, since she’s more than a little annoying and she seems to make Parker more irritating, too.

What did you think of Vanessa’s pushing Grayson away because he got scared? Was Stacy wrong to set Jane up or is it only natural for someone to try anything to cheer a friend up?

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