ROYAL PAINS “Open Up Your Yenta Mouth and Say Ah” Review

Rena Sofer

So what has Eddie Lawson been up to? Brothers Hank and Evan find out from dad and then really learn the truth in the ROYAL PAINS mid- season finale “Open Your Yenta Mouth and Say Ah.”

Hank and Jill are palling around again, when a woman trip and lands in Hanks lap. Her name is AJ and she appear to have eyes for our Hamptons doctor. She turns up a lot and asks a lot of questions. What’s the real story behind her? Meanwhile, Divya’s falling for her patient Adam, the kidney donor from last week and dad announces he and his girlfriend are moving in together, only to hyperventilate. Why? Evan realizes he sees him with the same guy he spotted dad with the other night when tailing him. Hank’s benefactor Boris heads out in his chopper and then returns with his Cuban doctor-lover and Hank finds out she’s pregnant, but Boris doesn’t know. Finally, Boris invite the boys to dinner, dad shows up and gets himself invited to, planning to pitch his “Blue Sky” company to Boris. Then the bomb drops. Boris announces Eddie is a criminal and made a deal with the SEC to spy on Boris. But wait, there’s more. AJ, the Jewish princess widow was really an investigator, was working for Boris to check out Hank and Evan; they came off clean. All through this, Eddie is in shock and when Boris turns to him again, he drops to the ground with a heart attack.

You know you’re watching great television, when it seems like so much has happened and you’re only on the second commercial break. Though one wondered where sex-happy/medical competition Emily was (she’s MIA completely), this episode was a reminder of how appealing Jill (Jill Flint) is. She talks about missing her times with Hank and breakfast or lunch or…she misses a lot more, you can bet. Divya’s flirtation with Adam leads to a kiss and it ain’t a peck on the cheek. So much for her engagement? We’ll see. Also shifting from annoying to endearing is Evan’s once fake and now for real girlfriend, the rich-rich Paige (Brook D’Orsay). Reshma Shetty’s Divya has gone from once demure to ultra-smolder this season. Also, Shetty’s and Flint’s characters have bonded well, too. Can’t say enough about the believable family dynamic between Henry Winkler as Eddie and Mark Feuerstein’s Hank and Paulo Contanza’s Evan. Winkler first came off as a here then gone in a bit role, but he’s fully part of this fine troupe now….or is he?

So questions and outcomes remain: Will Eddie survive his heart attack and will the SEC agent still hound him? Will Boris pay the price for smuggling in his lady love from Cuba? Will Divya still marry and will Emily become part of Hank Med. The answers may, or may not, await us when Royal Pains returns, not next summer, but next January. Can you hold out ’till then?