Recap: BIG BROTHER 12 Week 7 PoV Competition/ Veto Ceremony

Big Brother 12

Britney, Britney, Britney. What I have learned this season is that when something walks and talks like a duck, the rest of the Big Brother 12 houseguests will obviously ignore it until it comes and bites them on the butt. For me, I wouldn’t nominate someone who promised they wouldn’t put me up, but I would make sure to nominate people who seem to NEVER worry when nominations come around. For Britney, her game doesn’t seem to make any sense to me, as I would try to wrangle up all the players without friends and put together a stripy alliance, as opposed to working for a group of friends, like the still undiscovered Brigade.

Britney’s worry began early on after the nominations ceremony as everyone started to convince her to put up Matt if and when either Enzo or Brendon won the POV. Britney freaked out thinking the rest of the houseguests were turning against her plans. And when it came to the POV competition, things were definitely shaken up. The housesguests, all except for Ragan who wasn’t chosen to play, found themselves locked in cages and having to accept either rewards to lose veto points or gain veto points by agreeing to awful things, like chum baths, penguin suits and weeks of being a Have-Not. Making the competition even trickier was the fact that the houseguests answers were hidden from each other, so you take all the prizes and no one would know. Brendon and Enzo battled it out to win the most veto points and took some awful consequences, but in the end Brendon secured himself the POV.

Oh and if the Big Brother house didn’t have enough fun with torturing us the two past seasons with Jesse, they brought him back to remind us how annoying he is. Britney opened up Pandora’s Box and got stuck with Jesse for a whole hour, where he taught her how to build her muscles like him. And of course since she released something awful on the house, the rest of the guests got to celebrate something wonderful – which was an hour long luau picnic in the yard. Poor Britney. Her run as HOH was not at all what she had expected.

When everyone in the house knew that Brendon was safe for now, it become a race to convince Britney she needed to put up Matt in Brendon’s place to get him out. Matt, seeing that his time could soon come to an end, chatted with the Brigade to see if Britney would put up Ragan instead. He asked Lane to convince her she needed to do this and then started working on her as well. Except Lane never asked her to put up Ragan and used Matt’s complete stabbing Ragan in the back to prove that he is not trustworthy and that he should go. This is hilarious because right until Matt set himself up Britney was about to nominate Hayden, finally putting the Brigade in their place – on the block. Except Britney ignored the big signs that these dudes are working together and allowed herself to manipulated into putting up Matt. But not before she informed Ragan that Matt had backstabbed him. Tonight’s double eviction episode would most likely begin with Matt going home and then the house in the craziness that comes from a double eviction.