Recap: BIG BROTHER 12 Week 7 Live Eviction/ Week 8 HoH Competition

big brother 12 matt enzo

What happens when a Diabolical Super Genius gets backdoored by both of his alliances? We learned what happens tonight on Big Brother‘s double eviction episode, which had us saying goodbye to two houseguests.

We see Matt doing some damage control after he knows that his days are numbered in the house. First, tried to rekindle whatever friendship he had with Ragan, as he figured out he was mad with him. He asked Britney, who lied about telling Ragan the truth about throwing Matt under the bus, but figured it out anyway discussing it with Ragan. Matt tells Ragan he suggested him to be on the block because everyone had been talking about a possible alliance between them. Ragan announces to the group that he is in no way partners with Matt and then Hayden and Lane start yammering on about splitting the vote last week. This clued Ragan into a possible alliance between all the other guys in the house except for himself and Brendon. He confronts Matt about it and Matt freaks out, but thinks he can use this to his advantage and convince the Brigade to vote to keep him in to keep Ragan quiet. Unfortunately, this tactic didn’t work. Julie let’s the guests know that this week is a double eviction week, meaning that after the first vote the houseguests will have to immediately run into an HOH challenge. And while the guests are freaked out by the news, they easily send Matt home with a vote of 4 – 0 for eviction.

Matt chats with Julie about how when he threw last week’s HOH challenge that he messed up his whole game strategy and in the end he didn’t know which alliance to trust. She asks him why he didn’t expose the Brigade when he knew he was going to get evicted, but he said that he still didn’t know he was definitely going home in the end. We then head to the next HOH challenge, which has the five remaining dudes, as Britney’s last week’s HOH can’t compete, standing in the yard and having to dig through boxes to find the answer of the question first. The first player to have the correct answer in the quickest time will win, and Hayden secures this week’s HOH. The dudes, except for Ragan, meet in a room and discuss Brendon being a pawn and putting up Ragan. Sadly, only Brendon wasn’t aware that him being a pawn is actually a Pawn. These types of quick-turnaround evictions and challenges always screw up an HOH’s term, but luckily Hayden knew he was going to stay true to the Brigade and he nominates Brendon and Ragan. The houseguests hustle out to do the POV challenge and the game is about things that have happened in the house. In the end, Ragan grabs the POV when Lane and Hayden answer incorrectly and saves himself from being on the block. Hayden puts up Britney as a not so obvious pawn and Brendon can just say goodbye to the house now. With a vote of 3 – 0, Brendon is sent home.

Since Brendon gave up his clothes in the last POV challenge, he left empty handed to join Julie out there with the audience. Brendon seemed generally shocked that he was given the heave ho and it seems he had no idea that everyone in the house wanted him gone. He is excited to join Rachel, his awfully annoying lady friend, in the jury house. Julie seems to think that Brendon’s time in the house was easier once Rachel was no longer around and he seems to agree. Brendon then says he believes Britney will around until the end because she is the most conniving and I can’t help but agree with her. These type of shows fly by, so not much other than power moves happen. But from the Live Feeds next week’s HOH should be really interesting.

Is it time for Ragan to go or will Britney be the one evicted? Or do you think that the Brigade will finally be exposed and one of the three remaining will be given their walking papers? Check out my review next Monday morning to see what happened!