PSYCH “Ferry Tale” Review

PSYCH "Ferry Tale" Review

In this episode of PSYCH, called “Ferry Tale”, Shawn and Gus are on a (what else?) ferry to the Channel Islands to help with an environmental cleanup, when some prisoners onboard decide to plan an escape. First the men get the better of the guard escorting them (played by the wonderful Chi McBride from Human Target and Pushing Daisies) and then they start looking for a way off the boat. Shawn and Gus decide to take things into their own hands and help Craig (or should I say Craaaaaaig) get his prisoners back. This plan, of course, backfires on them and instead they end up getting themselves and every other passenger on the ferry held as hostages.

Meanwhile Lassie, Jules, the chief and Henry are forced to watch from the sidelines as the prisoners proceed to make a human shield out of their hostages. In a bold move, the chief gives the order to go in and a SWAT team rushes the ferry. In the massive confusion two of the prisoners escape and Shawn and Gus enlist Craig’s help to find them. They track the men down to an abandoned church where they’ve got a million in cash hiding from an old heist. There Craig is unfortunately lured by how much he needs the money after getting fired, and briefly takes off with it. Luckily the boys manage to point out that he won’t be able to live with himself if he breaks the law and Craig gives up the money and catches the bad guys.

My favorite bits…

Shawn being easily distracted by a candy bar. Can’t blame him though. Chocolate does that to me too.

Gus’ squeak when he noticed that his seasickness patch was missing. Classic.

The way the guys walked past the door and then backed up in unison when they heard muffled cries for help.

This bit:
Gus: “Where is your gun?”
Craig: “Oh man they probably turned it in for some books as the local community center… where do you think it is man?”

Gus’ radio voice.

Shawn threatening to haunt Gus’ kitchen cabinets.

Gus and Craig listing off all the other choices Shawn had – you know, other than dumping the life boat overboard and forcing the convicts to stay on the ferry.

Craig’s plan for Shawn to start acting tough almost working, right up until he got kicked in the face. Ouch.

Gus paying way more attention to drinking his horchata than looking for the missing fugitive.

This bit:
Lassie: “What is this embarrassment to law enforcement doing here?
Craig: “About to kick you Ichabod Crane looking ass.”

Realizing just how a big Chi McBride is, especially when standing next to Shawn and Gus. He’s absolutely huge!

Craig calling Jules a “dime piece” and her not minding at all.

Knowing as soon as I saw the guys duct taped together that they were going to have to bust out their three legged running skills. It worked too. I mean sure it’s cuz they tripped and fell on to the road, forcing Craig to stop the car, but still, they did it.

Another good episode of Psych, made even better by a great guest star. Knowing that there are only 3 episodes left until the finale, I’m expecting things to kick into high gear soon, but until then, this episode was pure fun.

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