Jose’s Top 5 TV Shows: #3 – FIREFLY

Firefly cast
So far on my Top 5 Shows of all time, I’ve picked a show that was cancelled after two seasons and a cartoon that most people with a day job can’t stay up to watch. The third show on my list also has an interesting twist, it was cancelled after only eleven episodes. Nonetheless, it would be the first show I would bring back on TV if I had the opportunity. My #3 show of all time is Joss Whedon’s FIREFLY.

What’s it about

Plainly stated, Firefly is about COWBOYS… in SPACE! (add echo effects on your end when you read this). It sounds simplistic, but this is really all it’s about.

What I like about it

My favorite thing about Firefly is that Whedon created such a vast and rich universe for the show to take place. It’s set in a far off future where humans have populated a large number of planets, the farthest reaches of which are very similar to the Old West. The mix of advanced technology, frontier style living, and the occasional curse word in Mandarin, made for a great backdrops for each Firefly episode.

On top of this, the acting was great, even by the supporting cast members, and it was clear that the casting focused on finding a troupe that worked well together and it showed on the screen. The writing was also very sharp, providing clean storylines in each episode while still providing momentum to the major story arcs that spread out over several episodes. Every episode you knew you would get good dialogue and good acting, which almost always equal a good show.

Why would you like it

If you are a fan of any of the Whedon TV shows (Buffy, Angel, Dollhouse), you should watch Firefly to see an example of some of his best work (simmer down Buffy fans I said “some of” not “only”). It is a show where you think you know which direction the story is going, but are pleasantly surprised to see the twist or adjustment thrown in by Whedon and the crew.

Another great reason to watch Firefly? You’ve likely seen most of the cast in other shows, doing a great acting job. Watching Firefly gives you the chance to see them before they were big, and to see how brilliant their combined effort was on the show.

Lastly, you should watch this show exactly because of what it is. Is it a western? Yes. Is it a sci-fi show? Yes. Is it kick-ass? Hell yes!

Since Firelfy was only on the air for 11 episodes (the series DVD has a few more that weren’t aired during the original run), I decided to list my favorite episode instead of trying to do a Top 5 list.

My favorite Firefly episode is “Jaynestown”, which focuses on the past of Jayne, the crew’s hired muscle. Upon landing on the planet Canton to get some loot from a contact, the crew runs into a large statue of Jayne, who’s been nervous about running into old acquaintances and doesn’t know why there’s a statue in town. It turns out that when Jayne was last on Canton, a botched robbery leads him to become a local hero (the “Hero of Canton”). Mal decides to let the town’s party for Jayne act as a cover to return the goods to the ship, but another of Jayne’s acquaintances from the old days reappears and could lead to problems.

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