DARK BLUE “Brother’s Keeper” Review

DARK BLUE (TNT) - Season 2 Episode 5 - Brother's Keeper

Episode five of DARK BLUE, “Brother’s Keeper”, followed Carter as he went undercover to capture a high profile extremist called Kyle Eriksson.

Initially, Dean tries to get undercover by getting in with a guy who claims to know Eriksson. He turns out to be a wackjob and as he is about to shoot some cops, Dean knocks him out.

Then Carter goes undercover in a prisoner transfer with Kyle’s brother. His plot is foiled when a third prisoner is pushed in with them-or so I thought. Dean stages a break out, rendering the driver (Ty) defenceless and taking Eriksson’s little brother and the third prisoner hostage, pretending to be Cater’s brother. When they arrive at Alex’s place Dean looks at Alex and Carter suspiciously as they make out a little too intensely than their cover demands.

The third wheel is a mouthy nerdy guy who is set for surgery as they hijack the car. As I said, I thought he would foil the job, but he turned out to be a mere obstacle. When he suggests they meet his ‘friend’ Big Tommy, Carter organizes his arrest whilst he and Eriksson’s brother escape. It’s unexpected and far more welcome than listening to him blabber incoherently for the rest of the episode, even if it begs the question why did the writers include him except to use up screen time.

Elsewhere, Jamie is worried about Ty who is missing meetings and is unpunctual. She confronts him and leaves him with little more than a warning not to “screw up [her] job”.

Carter is forced to knock out two cops when they stop him and Eriksson. When he learns that Eriksson is going to assassinate someone, he intentionally sabotages the meeting so Alex will not arrest Eriksson before he finds out the target of the assassination. This has Alex frantic but when it is a choice between Carter and the judge (target of the assassination) she chooses to save the latter instead of aimlessly trying to rescue Carter even though she doesn’t know where he is. If I had one complaint it’s that I wish the writers had allowed Carter tell Alex where he was-even if it was something vague like “I’m on this highway” or “I passed McDonalds on this route”. I would have liked just a little more conflict between her choice so that when she decides to go after the judge instead of Carter it would have had a stronger emotional impact.

Anyways, with his cover blown after tipping Alex off about the assassination, Carter takes Eriksson’s brother hostage, which turns out to be useless since he shoots and kills his own brother. Charming.

Simultaneous action scenes of awesomeness between Carter and the courthouse culminated with the arrests of the bad guys and the saving of the judge.

This was not only the best episode of the second season, but one of the best episodes of Dark Blue ever. Little was contrived, the plot moved along nicely, we got some interesting character development and we even got some-and I mean some-humor.

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