THE DEEP (BBC) “Everything Put Together Falls Apart” Review

The Deep

While watching episode 4 of THE DEEP, ‘Everything Put Together Falls Apart’, I came to three realisations. The first was that with three ‘big name’ stars, the BBC apparently had no money to hire a scientific advisor. The second was that the stars obviously didn’t read the scripts properly. The third was that I should have known this series was awful – the BBC had virtually no promotion for it.

In this episode we finally find out Catherine’s world changing secret: lava bugs. These tiny little things, found in sedimentary mud near the arctic oil deposits, excrete hydrogen. It would be a great source of sustainable power for the world – but the Russians don’t want to lose the money they would gain from selling the oil under the arctic. Then they find out that these bugs can also excrete acid when outside of the mud, which is what’s ruining the hull of the Volos (and decimated the hull of the Hermes). The bug samples Catherine collected were killed by the mysterious Russian beam from episode 1, so they need to collect more.

Clem wants to go home, but everyone thinks that these bugs (and the potential clean fuel they create) are more important. Frances tries to tell Clem that after the world finds out about the Russian sub, the ensuring legal battles will stop anyone from coming back down to college lava bugs. You know what Frances? Now would be a good time for you and Samson to go whine about your affair and let Clem take charge. Because then he would take the Orpheus to the surface and this godforsaken piece of television could end.

But I digress. Zubov, the captain of the Volos, is a bit of a psycho. He wants ‘Katerina’ to stand with his ‘side’ in the Volos moon pool room, and when she doesn’t, he tells Stas and Arkady to shoot the Orpheus crew. Arkady refuses and shoots Zubov, some of the Orpheus crew get into their submarine and leave. ‘Some’ because they’ve left behind Svetlana (who Stas can’t bring himself to shoot, d’aww), not-so-sinister Raymond, and the dying Vincent.

Raymond knows about the lava bugs. There was mention of Catherine finding the bugs while doing tests to determine what was eating the hull of the Volos. So did Catherine find their existence on a previous trip and then come back and re-discover them? Or did she recognise them but only notice that they were giving off acid during these tests? And if she found them previously, didn’t she have samples from the first trip to show the world? If not, why did no one – including her husband – know that she was going back down to look for more lava bug samples? They are important, after all. Does this actually make sense? Either the writers goofed up or I’m so tired of this show that none of it is making sense anymore.

Svetlana, who ran off post-Stasgate, finds Vincent and carries him away to hide. This leads to an amusing scene when Stas finds them (or, more precisely, they find Stas) and he and Svetlana talk while Vincent is falling over behind her, muttering about how the spirit is willing but the body’s unable. I like this Vincent; he should have been dying for the entire 4 episodes so far. That would have been hilarious. Anyway, Stas tells them he wants to escape (and leave Vincent behind, but he’s too amusing for Svetlana to allow that) and they walk off. To where? We may never know. Or we may know next week, but I won’t waste time hoping. The holes in this plot are large enough for the trio to fall into and never be seen again.

Like the Orpheus crew taking the submarine down to the bottom of a trench 8000 feet deep to collect lava bugs from an oil well. Apparently they only then felt the need to pressurise the inside of the submarine – and even then, only the moon pool chamber – to match the external pressure on the submarine. I could be wrong, but my school-level knowledge of science told me that they would be crushed at this point. And the moon pool room would have flooded. If anyone with a proper knowledge of science is reading, please explain this for us!

However, it doesn’t flood until after Clem has taken Catherine’s place in the submersible and gone to collect lava bugs. The submersible has run out of power, so the Orpheus lowers him into the oil well, he scrapes mug into a container (with the robotic arms) and deposits it in the sample room (with the robotic arms). How he manages to use the robotic arms with no power is a mystery.

And then the crew tell him about the flooding and he tells them to detach the winch line so he can float up to the surface. During a teary goodbye with Catherine, the submersible begins to crack under the pressure of being so deep. The Orpheus loses his signal. Catherine breaks down. Have they just killed off Jimmy Nesbitt? I’d bet money on him somehow coming back next episode.

Back on the surface, everyone is being melodramatic again. Lowe, who has been keeping Hatsuto and his bad accent tied up, coerces his colleague into shutting down the signal from a beacon not-so-sinister Raymond released in a previous episode. And Scarlet’s grandmother smashes Catherine’s computer in front of the not-so-subtle car that’s keeping tabs on them. She thinks this will stop them – whoever ‘they’ are – from breaking into her home. Surely Catherine made copies of her files?

There is only one episode left of The Deep and boy, am I glad. I’m pretty certain there is a good story buried inside these episodes, but with shabby writing, it isn’t getting the chance to show itself. I’m happy to suspend disbelief for the sake of a decent storyline, but the errors in The Deep are things that should have been fixed to make the story better.

What do you think? Are you enjoying The Deep so far? Who else thinks that Scarlet is going to have all her mother’s files secreted away on a flash drive somewhere? Is Clem really dead? Will Vincent ever die? Are Lowe and Hatsuto ever going to be interesting?