WHITE COLLAR “Prisoner’s Dilemma” Review

WHITE COLLAR "Prisoner's Dilemma"

A rogue FBI agent is on the run from the US Marshals in tonight’s episode of WHITE COLLAR, called “Prisoner’s Dilemma”. Thanks to Neal’s immense knowledge about how to elude the Marshals, they ask him to help. The rogue agent, accused of selling witness locations during criminal trials, used to work with Peter and knowing the man is one of their own, he takes it personally, wanting the FBI to be the agency that catches him. When Peter finds out that the leader of the Marshals, a man named Deckard, is actually the one who sold the witness locations and is trying to frame a fellow agent for it, he decides to go on the lam too. Going so far as to steal a Lamborghini along the way, and seeking refuge from Mozzie for a little while.

Meanwhile Neal and Jones are stuck with Deckard, following behind as Peter and Franklin (with the help of Mozzie) send the Marshal on a wild goose chase, all designed to pit him against one of his partners and force a confession out of both of them. The move is known as a “prisoner’s dilemma”, which is where the episode got its name.

My favorite bits…

Neal knowing that Peter was saying “board” and not “bored” just by the tone of his voice.

Peter telling Neal that they teach the double finger point thing at Quantico. Aha! That explains it.

Peter offering to draw Neal a diagram to explain how “inappropriate” Franklin’s relationship was with his CI.

The big-ass grin on Peter’s face when he drove off in the car.

Cracking up at this:
Peter: “Any idea where she and her alias went?”
Neal: “Luckily the cars come equipped with a GPS tracking device.”
Peter: “Oh, just like you.”

Peter going seamlessly from the picture of domesticity, tending to his pot roast and about to put on his oven mitts, to badass FBI agent brandishing his weapon at the first sign of danger.

This line from Peter after Neal got his car started first: “My CI beat your CI.”

Neal getting a big kick out of rubbing in the fact that “Peter Burke is on the run”, but also taking a second to check in and ask if his friend was okay.

Getting to see Peter in something other than a suit and tie, proving that he looks just as good in jeans and a tee.

This bit about Mozzie’s safe house:
Mozzie: “I call it Tuesday.”
Peter: “Why?”
Mozzie: “Because I’m usually here on Wednesdays.”

Neal realizing that though it was hard work to be on the other side of a man hunt, it was a damn sight better than being led away in handcuffs.

Noticing Neal return Deckard’s key ring and knowing he probably stole the one to his anklet. Now I wonder why, since we know he’s not going to run off unless it’s for a very good reason and I’m thinking it’s going to be a Kate-related one.

Peter bringing roses and a new rake to “Tuesday”, only to find it empty – except for a nice little note from Mozzie. Classic.

Okay seriously, White Collar has got to stop reading my mind. I was about to conclude my review by saying that I really liked this episode because it gave Peter a chance to shine, but I had expected a little more drama from the preview, thinking Peter’s life would be in danger, etc. I wanted to see what would happen when Neal had to save Peter for once, and there they go showing a clip from next week where it looks like that exact scenario is going to play out. Okay so I’m just going to shut up now.

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