THE SECRET LIFE OF THE AMERICAN TEENAGER (ABC Family) - Sweet and Sour - Season 3 Episode 12

“Sweet and Sour”, the twelfth episode of THE SECRET LIFE OF THE AMERICAN TEENAGER‘s third season started off with Ashley and her gay friend Griffin calling his crush Peter. Amy has some psychic abilities; she detects Ricky’s infidelity. Ben’s father is unhappy. And Grace is contemplating sex of any kind with her new beau.

Ricky tells the Juergens it was Amy’s birthday. Ashley is still really annoying, wrongly accusing him of initiating the kiss from like, forever ago. This is a character flaw which could make her relatable, but India Eisley just makes it irritating.

Ben’s father sees right through Ben’s attempt to get engaged to Adrian. He knows it is only to annoy Amy and Ricky. Unlike India Eisley, Kenny Baumann has enough charm to overcome a terrible storyline and still manage to be likeable.

Oral sex is on the agenda, with Jack revealing to Madison’s father the levels of intimacies they got up to. Then Grace and her mother have a metaphorical sex talk about “keep the gate closed”. I like Grace; in fact I almost always enjoy scenes involving either Megan Parker (Grace) or Luke Zimmerman (Tom) and the dynamics between the two make their brother-sister relationship my favorite relationship bar none. Even outside the show, on a graph with shows like Chuck and True Blood, I would still list their relationship on a list of favorites.

Elsewhere, Ben’s father goes to Ricky’s shrink and realizes he’s still in love with Ben’s dead mother, which in turn helps strengthen his relationship with Betty.

Adrianne goes to the clinic because there is some ‘spotting’. Ben gives her a real sapphire ring. For the umpteenth time he insults her and she storms off. Who wouldn’t want to be married to that charmer?

A girl literally throws herself at Ricky’s feet and pretty much prostitutes herself out. He kisses her, but resists and this is a Major Stepping Stone in his overcoming his whoring. It would have been one of the worst scenes ever, if not for the two actors involved who elevated the rubbish scene into something…well, not this.

Ben proposes to become a father with Adrianne. It is genuinely a sweet moment and a wonderful little monologue. They share a really lovely moment, and then Ben gives her a placeholder ring, for when they mutually want to get engaged.

Amy returns home early, which does not please Ricky as much as she probably expected it to. I love that Amy is home. She is an integral part of the show. Good or bad, the show is just not the same without her.

There were a lot of eye rolling moments and lame storylines. But you know, I was won over by the last five minutes. Ridiculously sweet, ridiculously cloying, but sometimes that is just what the doctor ordered.

What did you think of this episode? Do you think I’m an idiot for not recognising the brilliance of the storylines or the acting? Or do you agree? Let me know in the comments below!

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  • zach

    Did you notice at the beginning of the episode when Molly Ringwald and the rest of the family were talking about missing Amy’s birthday? She said that her parents missed her 16th birthday and it has haunted her ever since. That is totally from “Sixteen Candles” I thought that was hilarious.

    • Duh! I am such a doofus! Yes, that was hilarious!

  • I am so very excited for Amy and Ricky. I always new that they still loved each other. I am especially happy that Ricky took a major step and din’t sleep with that girl. Amy and Ricky deserves some happiness. And no one not even Adrian, Ben or Ashley can stop them. Adrian does love Ricky but Ricky is not inlove with her. Ashley just sees him as a crush and she needs to leave it at that. Ben need to know that Amy is starting over and DEFINITELY moving on.