MAKE IT OR BREAK IT “If Only…” Review

make it or break it if only (2)

The frontal lobe, where cognitive processing occurs, is not yet fully developed in teenagers. MAKE IT OR BREAK IT presents an argument for this fact in the episode “If Only”. Payson and Emily’s impulsive actions come back to bite them in the behind. Kaylie and Lauren are digging themselves further into a hole with their faulty beliefs. Each one of them is ready to fall apart at any moment. Isn’t the end of the season great?!

From jail, Emily calls Razor (squeal! he’s back) to bail her out, since Chloe is at work, an “office job” where she is known as Bambi. Damon (squeal times two!! he’s back, too) turns up at the gym with a new car and a record deal. He senses that something is wrong with Emily, but she doesn’t want to tell him about her visit behind bars. Razor advises Damon that Emily may just need space to achieve her dreams first. Damon lets Emily go to do her own thing, though it appears Damon thinks that Emily just doesn’t like him anymore.

Kaylie throws away food without eating. She hides leg weights under her shorts, when she is confronted by Sasha and asked to step on the scale. Kaylie fools everyone until Ronnie sees all the food Kaylie dumped in her bag. (good and yuck)

Lauren can’t accept the fact that Steve and Summer won’t be getting back together. After learning that Summer and Sasha are dating, Lauren takes the recording of Payson kissing Sasha, and sends an incriminating image to Ellen Beals. We can almost (but not quite) forgive Lauren for her misdeeds when we learn about her rocky history with her mother.

Payson tells her mom about kissing Sasha and being humiliated. (I thought this was a good mother-daughter scene.) Kim and Sasha have a talk with Payson so that they can move beyond the incident. Kim loses the Parents’ Board election to Steve because of the photo.

A gesture of love turned into something criminal. An admirable goal obtained through the wrong means. Desperate actions based on lies. An innocent kiss made dirty. Make It or Break It can really produce some serious adolescent pitfalls. If only everything could be taken back. Why doesn’t Emily just tell Damon? Why doesn’t Lauren listen to Sasha, Austin, and everyone else who sees the danger? Why can’t Lauren see that there are people who really love her? Why can’t Payson see that she doesn’t have to appear fine for others? The girls are supposed to be strong athletes, ready to take on the world. But they are making very poor decisions, as teens are apt to do. Their choices are probably confusing them as much as they are confusing the viewers. Their strength is a facade. By the end of the episode everyone is either crying, emotionless, or passed out from fatigue. In their current physical and mental state, how will they fare in competition next week?