HUGE “Parent’s Weekend – Part 1” Review

huge parent weekend

The end of the season is around the corner as HUGE airs the penultimate episode “Parents Weekend Part 1”. Mixed emotions are abundant as the campers anticipate the arrival of parents at Camp Victory. Once the parents are there everyone feels slightly uncomfortable as they try to be who their parents want them to be. Campers are not acting as they usually would.

Will’s parents don’t show up for the weekend, so she tries to make plans with Becca who won’t have any visitors either. But Becca refuses and sulks over Will’s inconsiderateness. Becca’s grandmother (now dead) was there last year; but as usual we get little more information about Becca’s life. Are her parents still living? Ian is surprised by the sudden change in his parents, who are getting along for once. They tell him that they are getting divorced. Trent lets his father think that he is interested in Amber, not Chloe whom he ignores all day. Chloe and Alistair’s parents are oblivious to Alistair’s sexual preference. He even pretends to be an item with Becca. Piz and his mother seem to have a good relationship. He tries to apologize about the dare to Alistair, who is giving him the cold shoulder. Amber really looks forward to her mother’s visit, but becomes more and more distressed as she spends the day with her and her brash ways. For a moment, Amber’s mother shows an angry, needy, and perhaps violent side of her personality. Amber asks Will for access to her contraband stash of junk food.

Dr. Rand lets slip to the campers that Chloe and Alistair are brother and sister, so everyone knows now. Dr. Rand also introduces her father Salty to the camp after a pointed hint that she was keeping him a secret. She receives texts from Jonathan asking to meet, but she replies with a no. This is lucky because Salty sends Wayne over to her with a basketful of tomatoes.

Huge is all about making healthy choices, which is something that Dr. Rand is constantly telling the campers to do. But why do the campers make the decisions that they do? This episode adds another dimension to the campers’ decision-making. By themselves in their own world of camp, their choices are easier and clearer. But add in the parents and a bit of the real world, and the campers’ decisions become more difficult. I think the episode is successful in conveying the daily struggles faced by the campers and even Dr. Rand who represents the continued struggles facing them in adulthood. Weight is not simply an issue of gain and loss. It entails how we feel about ourselves, about those around us, and the circumstances of our lives.

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