WEEDS “Felling and Swamping” Review

WEEDS (Showtime)--""Felling and Swamping"

The Botwins become the Newmans, but the road isn’t exactly smooth on the “Felling and Swamping” episode of WEEDS. Nancy and company decide to go to Canada and they stop at a discount store to max out their credit cards before dumping them. Silas doesn’t want to ruin his life because of Shane’s actions, so Nancy pulls over on a highway and gives him the choice to stay or go. He stays, and so does his anger. Nancy finally gets mad at Shane for killing Pilar, but Shane remains a conscienceless sociopath. Canada is out when the border guard requests a birth certificate for the baby and Nancy gets a message from an FBI agent about Pilar’s murder. Andy arranges for new IDs and after a ritual burning of the Botwins’ identification, the Newman family is born with grand intentions of living normal lives. Meanwhile, the FBI talks to Esteban about Pilar’s murder and Esteban orders his guys to find Nancy and bring him back his son.

“I’m the mother. I decide who gets clubbed. I do the clubbing.” Aim high, Nancy; you go for that mother of the year award. Like Andy, I was wondering when Nancy would blow, and it’s a good scene becaue it shows how totally and hilariously ineffective Nancy is as a mother. She’s also too honest. “I’m glad it was done, but not by you.” At least Andy realizes that Shane “bludgeoned a woman to death. He should be chastised.” I’m not sure why this scene makes me laugh so much. Shane, on the other hand, is officially terrifying. It would be easy to say he doesn’t understand what he’s done, but he absolutely does. He coolly looks for news of Pilar’s murder, methodically destroys his SIM card, and has no problem joking “Don’t make me go all Pilar on your ass.” The kid’s going to be Dexter, Jr. before you know it.

Silas on the other hand is miserably torn. He should have left when he had the chance, and he knows it, but he can’t abandon his family, even though he knows they will disappoint him again and again. His expression when Shane mentions the pool cover is priceless, and the hope on his face when Nancy declares the Newmans would get jobs and be normal, is heartbreaking. I think Nancy means it in that moment, which will make the inevitable even harder for Silas to take.

Random notes: I like the cool opening with Weeds and the creator on potato chip bags in the convenience store from the first scene. Andy, the king of off-grid living, paying for the IDs with Hooters gift cards after “the Chinaman” asks his mom if it’s okay makes me giggle, as does the entire family reciting the Dodge Caravan ad as if they were saying a prayer in church. Poor Celia–one quick mention and done. Well, I’ll miss her even if Nancy won’t.

Weeds is off to a good start this season. This is a solid episode with plenty of laughs and enough emotional hits to keep it interesting. Plus I’m loving psycho Shane.

What did you think of “Felling and Swamping?” Are you ready to follow the Newmans off the grid?

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