THE GATES “Identity Crisis” Review

The Gates "Identity Crisis" Review

An FBI agent comes to THE GATES to investigate a resident in this episode, called “Identity Crisis”. The criminal she’s chasing is a vampire that also helps other vampires with their new identities and Nick is forced to break the law to keep all of them, including Dylan and Claire, safe. It turns out that agent Russo is actually after the man because he is her fiancé. He turned her into a vampire after she was shot in the line of duty and should have died. She never wanted to become a monster and now she wants to kill him for what he did, and kill all the other vampires on his list. Once he finds out what she is, Nick backs off and lets the vampires handle the problem among themselves.

Meanwhile some of the other residents are having troubles of their own. Mia continues to seek out Devon’s help with the Craft without her mother’s knowledge and even goes so far as to steal a dangerous root to give to Andie, who finds that she can safely kiss Brett, but doesn’t want to as she has no feelings for him. Charlie meanwhile has found a new crush, a werewolf who actually likes Brett, making for quite the love quadrangle.

Dylan and Claire’s relationship is strained but it’s their daughter who bears the brunt of it when Dylan forgets to pick her up from school and they both forget about a very important spelling bee. Deciding that they need to have some time apart, they go to explain to Emily, only to find that she’s been taken from her bed by Christian.

My favorite bits…

They way they started the episode with Nick stealing the flash drive, then jumping back 24 hours to tell us why.

Lexie getting clever and deciding to fight fire with fire to get over her jealousy of Andie and Lukas, by flirting with Charlie.

Being surprised to find out that the vampires, Dylan included, were planning to kill the FBI agent if Nick couldn’t find another way to stop her.

Brett letting Andie kiss him and surviving. Though I still have to wonder how long that would last considering it did take a lot out of him.

Feeling so bad for Emily when her parents forgot about her spelling bee. Poor kid.

Nick pulling his magic trick to make the original flash drive disappear. Nice.

Mia offering the devil’s weed to Andie. Haven’t these girls watched any after-school specials? Don’t they know this is only going to end badly?

Andie walking up on Lexie and Charlie kissing. What did she expect after dumping him? That he’d never move on?

Nick handing over the flash drive to Russo knowing that he’d basically just signed her death warrant. I wonder how the vampires found out she had it though? Is it possible he called them? If he did then, wow.

The heartbreaking conversation between Dylan and Claire as they decided to separate because, even though Dylan is sorry for what happened to her and does still love her, he doesn’t know if things will ever be the same for them.

Gasping when Dylan and Claire went in to Emily’s room to find that Christian had taken her.

While some of the moments in tonight’s episode of The Gates weren’t much of a surprise, others really blew me away. I think we all knew that Christian would probably be back but I never thought he’d take Emily. Leaving the episode there in a cliffhanger has me very excited for the next one, I’m only sorry we have to wait two weeks for it.