THE CLOSER “Jump the Gun” Review

THE CLOSER "Jump the Gun"

There were some major changes for Brenda and Fritz on tonight’s episode of THE CLOSER, “Jump the Gun,” and it looks like there may be more in their future. But before we get to that, let’s talk about the group of bank robbers Major Crimes and the FBI busted in this episode. They were robbing banks to finance private schools, an underwater mortgage, credit card debt, and student loans. Is this a sign of the times or what?

The hostage negotiator, Detective Hayward, seemed arrogant and guilty as sin when they first interviewed him. But it turns out the “mastermind” was the yuppie-ish brother with the preppy clothes (seriously, was this neighborhood in LA or Cape Cod?). My favorite part of this case was the getaway driver, Boyd, escaping four cops and an FBI agent in a red convertible with balloons tied to it. Ha!

Now that Fritz is the new FBI liaison to the LAPD, he and Brenda are going to be working closely together and, if this case is any indication, that’s going to be tough on their marriage. While they were arguing tonight, Brenda had the nerve to say, “I have never lied to you. Not once.” Um, what? I totally agree with Fritz’s assessment, “That’s the biggest lie of all.” and “Whenever you don’t get what you want, you go straight for the jugular.” Ouch. At least Brenda apologized to Fritz at the end (even though she started to add a “but” to the apology, Fritz stopped her before she could stick her foot in her mouth).

So Brenda is on the short list for chief of police and Pope is not. I really didn’t see that coming. I thought for sure both would make it on there. I felt kind of bad for Pope even though he’s been such a jerk lately. The man has worked so hard for the job and then Brenda, who isn’t even sure she wants it, swoops in and ends up on the short list. That’s got to hurt.

So what did you think of everything that happened tonight? I like the idea of Fritz and Brenda working together because it means we’ll get to see more of Fritz. As for Pope, I hope he can get over his bitter disappointment. Do you think Pope and Brenda will still be friends after all this? Were you happy to see Brenda on the short list? Let me know in the comments.

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