Mokibobolink’s Top 5 TV Shows: #3 – FIREFLY

Firefly cast
A friend of mine asked me recently why certain TV shows weren’t on my top 5 list – shows that had won Emmys, huge followings, big time ratings, etc. It made me realize that I don’t ever find myself inclined to watch something just because it’s won a lot of awards or everyone else in the world is watching it.

The way a show makes it on to my list is if it means something to me. If I’m anticipating a new episode so much that I find myself thinking about it all day, that’s how I know I’m in love.

Next up on my list, FIREFLY, is a perfect example of this. It was so NOT a huge hit that it didn’t even survive a full season on the air. Firefly was about a group of people on a “Firefly” class transport ship where the captain and his crew take any work that comes their way, even those jobs which aren’t quite legal. They are basically renegades struggling to make it in a not-so friendly world.

What I love about it.

When I talk to people about my love of Firefly, I usually can’t get away without mentioning the fact that this show changed my life. No really, I’m not kidding, it totally did.

I actually saw the movie Serenity first, which was written as a sequel to the TV series. I was completely blown away by it and took the advice of friends who said I should watch the TV show. I soon became a regular on the Firefly board on IMDb and made quite a few friends. After that I discovered that there were many fan groups out there (calling themselves “Browncoats”) and the group in my own town was extremely active. One night I got up the nerve to go to a party they were throwing and to this day, nearly four years (wow, has it been that long?) later, I am still very good friends with nearly everyone I met that night. We do lots of things together, including the normal fan stuff like attending conventions and screenings of the series, but we also do a lot of “normal” stuff too – birthday parties, weddings, graduations from law school, etc. Once I even took a trip to England and Wales to meet up with a fellow Browncoat to attend a convention, marking my first time ever flying across the pond. Meeting those people is also when I began my journey to becoming a writer, as it was after writing some well-received Firefly fanfiction that I first got the germ of an idea that maybe, just maybe, I could do this writing thing.

All of that would not have happened if not for the show, because it was so great that I felt inclined to find and commune with other fans.

Here are just a few things I loved about it.

First off because it was created by that man among men, Joss Whedon (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), it has the kind of writing that I have now come to expect from him. That certain dry wit and hysterical humor with enough heartbreaking moments thrown in that you’ll be crying one moment and laughing the next.

Another thing I loved about the show was the cast of characters. Each was an individual with their own story to tell and yet all meshed together to make the perfect group. They don’t get along all the time, in fact they don’t get along MOST of the time, but underneath it all, they are a family.

I also like how it mixes together many genres. Part sci-fi, part western, it had elements from the past, the future and even bits and pieces from other cultures like Asia. All the characters spoke Chinese at one time or another, some of them cursing in it spectacularly when the mood struck.

Then there was the music, once again mixing together different styles to match the various genres on which it was based. From fun little ditties that make you want to tap your toes, to haunting tunes that can bring me to tears within a few notes.

Why you should watch it.

Firefly really is a show for everyone. It has spaceships and the adventures of outer space for the sci-fi fans, wild chases on horseback and good ol’fashioned gun-slinging for those into westerns, lots of drama for those wanting something a little more serious, and plenty of comedy for anyone who wants a good laugh.

Also if you’re a fan of any of the actors in it, you really must treat yourself to seeing the performance they gave in Firefly. Nathan Fillion, Gina Torres, Alan Tudyk, Adam Baldwin, Jewel Staite, Morena Baccarin, Summer Glau, Sean Maher and Ron Glass all give their hearts and souls to this show and you can see it in every episode you watch.