PERSONS UNKNOWN “Identity” Review

Persons Unknown (NBC) - Episode 11

Episode 10 of PERSONS UNKNOWN, “Identity”, found Liam Ulrich taking over as Night Manager, Renbe and Kat making much ado about nothing and we learn that every single person has had some sort of torturous past.

Liam Ulrich (is the origin of his name a take on the author Leon Ulrich, who wrote the Irish Rebellion historical fiction ‘Trinity’? If so, is he supposed to signify imprisonment, rebellion or, more accurate with Irish history, hopeless rebellion?) Regardless, he’s pretty annoying. Alan Smythe does not pull off cordial well, coming off instead as a weasel. Ulrich still holds a grudge against Joe for trying to kill him, and reveals to Joe that the ‘management’ is interested in Janet-at least someone is. Joe’s celibacy confession and Janet’s reaction was cringe worthy.

My favorite part about the episode had to be Blackham’s story about his football triumph. Everyone found a box in their room and in the box there was an item from their pasts. In Blackham’s case it was a football and an obituary. It actually made me really like the guy. Nine episodes I’ve hated him, then in one scene he turns my feelings around. I love being manipulated-when, you know, it’s done well.

McNair and Moira shared their abusive childhood experiences; he was beaten by his mother with a belt (which is what he found in his box) until he was fourteen and he turned the belt on his mother before discarding it and running away. She was sexually abused by her father, whilst her mother did nothing to interfere, until she strangled them both with her mother’s scarf. It was heavy material, and surprisingly Persons Unknown stayed away from disrespecting these issues by saturating them with sap and melodrama.

Renbe and Kat hide in the town filled with cameras. Why did no one notice there were two extremely annoying people scurrying around?

We find out other bits and pieces of information about the abductees. Erika is not Erika. Teresa is her name. She sort of bonds with Ulrich. Charlie finds out he is accused of embezzlement (and was cleared, though not all of the evidence has been investigated). And there was a woman in Joe’s life, though whether it was romantic or platonic, despite Janet’s storm out, was not made particularly clear.

Renbe and Kat witness bodybags being loaded into the bank. Upon further investigation, they see Tori’s old flame who stowed away in the body bags. Did you hear that? That whoosh. Yes, that sound was my eyebrows shooting into the atmosphere. Seriously? He stowed away in a body bag? Right.

Renbe, Kat and the Italian body bag stower awayer get in a car chase with some baddies. I don’t understand this. Where were the force fields?

Anyways, the abductees are sedated. Next morning they wake feeling weirdly refreshed, and Janet reunites with Erika (or Teresa) against Joe.

The episode ends with the revelation that Liam has suddenly fallen for Janet. Sigh.

Nothing really happened in this episode, but we got to know slivers of our characters’ pasts. Slivers which defined them. It was overall an interesting episode of Persons Unknown, if not a riveting episode of television. Bottom line: McNair and Moira rock, Blackham is fine, and I am totally for management ‘dealing’ with the rest.

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