DARK BLUE “High Rollers” Review

Dark Blue - TNT - Season 2 Episode 4 - High Rollers

“High Rollers”, episode 4 of the second season of DARK BLUE sees the team investigating a homicide, with everyone hitting the casinos in disguise.

Carter and Alex are together. For the first time I thought Alex fit right in with the rest of the team, and I love that she and Carter are together, instead of going down the clichéd ‘will-they, won’t-they’ route. That’s fine on shows like Castle and Chuck where the premise is centered around the protagonists’ relationships, but on Dark Blue it’s great to see the relationship get right out of the way. Plus, Alex and Carter have some chemistry-I won’t be jumping up and down as a Calex shipper or anything, but they’re enjoyable to watch.

The team goes undercover at a casino which they suspect will lead them to loan sharks who killed a man heavily in debt.

Alex gets close to the floor manager (who displayed a brilliant sense of humor, something lacking on this somber show), Dean forms a relationship with the dead man’s girlfriend, posing as a security guard, Ty and Jamie find their way into a proverb spewing loan shark’s den. Things get tense when the loan shark cuts their first meeting short by cutting off some fellow’s finger. He is the bad guy, in case you did not realize this by now.

Ty, with his recent separation from his wife, finds himself spiralling into a gambling addiction and loses $5,000. Carter covered for him, but was none too pleased with his careless actions.

Jamie gets closer to the loan shark; she meets him with a bruise on her eye (it disappears remarkably fast in the next scene) and just as he thinks she’s not wearing a wire (she is) Alex, who had previously voiced her reluctance about the undercover ‘flirty’ cop, pulls her off the case. This is because Alex has Emotional Scars. Ugh. She goes on about an undercover case she was on that turned nasty but thankfully that scene was short. Three letters Alex: BSG. Sigh.

Still, this was a huge improvement over last week’s episode; the plot was entertaining, even if everything slotted into place a little too easily with the good vs evil lines being a tad too definitive for my liking, it was still somewhat logical. The characters-main and supporting-were well developed and had interesting storylines. The ending shoot out was tense and exciting. Hopefully Dark Blue repeats an episode of this quality next week.

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