UGLY BETTY: The Complete Fourth and Final Season DVD Review

Ugly Betty Season 4 DVD

Betty Suarez (America Ferrera) hung up her poncho for good on the fourth and final season of ABC’s UGLY BETTY. If you missed it, Ugly Betty: The Complete Fourth and Final Season will be out on DVD on August 17, 2010.

After years of laboring as a lowly assistant at the fashion magazine, MODE, Betty sees her hard work pay off in season four when she is promoted to the position of features editor. Inspired by her new job, she updates her look with new glasses, sleeker hair, more professional clothes, yet she maintains her unique brightly colored sense of style. As you can see on the DVD cover, she even gets those braces removed by the end of the season (finally!).

Of course, this being MODE, not everyone is happy about Betty’s good fortune, and she has to deal with more than her fair share of drama and backstabbing from a jealous Marc, as well as her bitter ex-boyfriend and new boss, Matt. Betty spends much of the season proving that she is good at her job and deserves to be there.

Betty’s loving family always has her back, although they all have very busy love lives in the fourth season. Hilda (Ana Ortiz) is still dating Archie (Ralph Macchio), but she is struggling with her feelings for Bobby (Adam Rodriguez). Little Justin (Mark Indelicato) is suddenly all grown up and entering high school, where he is teased because the other kids think he’s gay. He turns to Marc for some support and advice.

Meanwhile, Daniel (Eric Mabius), grieving the death of his wife, gets talked into joining a weird group that his friends suspect is a cult. Wilhelmina (Vanessa Williams) is missing Connor (Grant Bowler) and trying to protect her daughter, Nico, who has gotten herself in some major trouble. Marc and Amanda (Michael Urie and Becki Newton), while still hilariously bitchy, are a little more serious this season as they are both dissatisfied with their jobs and worried about the future.

Fans were disappointed to see their beloved show canceled during the fourth season, but at least Ugly Betty went out on a high note. The show knew this was the end, so they had time to wrap up everyone’s storyline and give the fans a satisfying finale. Speaking as a fan, after years of rooting for underdog Betty, seeing her become more poised and confident while still staying true to herself was incredibly rewarding. Without giving away any spoilers, I can say that I was extremely pleased with where Betty ended up, both professionally and personally.

The thing I always loved about Ugly Betty is that one minute you’re laughing and the next you’re crying because you are so invested in these characters. Justin’s storylines this season just killed me—so emotional! All in all, this was just a great season of Ugly Betty. If you stopped watching during season three, I highly recommend you give season four a chance.

Ugly Betty: The Complete Fourth and Final Season includes four DVDs with twenty episodes. The bonus features include:

Betty Goes Bahamas – Michael Urie and Becki Newton look for their fellow cast member while on location in the Bahamas. It’s a cute feature, but it’s almost like one long commercial for the Atlantis resort.

Mode After Hours – webisodes featuring Marc and Amanda

Betty Bloops – This blooper reel is pretty funny. Walking in high heels is hard!

Deleted scenes – there are a total of ten deleted scenes

Audio commentary – “All the World’s a Stage” features audio commentary by Michael Urie and Mark Indelicato. Since this was such a major episode for Justin, it was cool to hear Mark’s comments. I was disappointed that this was the only episode with commentary, though. I was really hoping the finale would have it too.

Starter kit – This quick introduction to the show is on the first disc and is a great way to catch-up someone who has never seen Ugly Betty.

You can get your copy of Ugly Betty The Complete Fourth and Final Season on Amazon.

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