MAKE IT OR BREAK IT “Rock Bottom” Review

Make It Or Break It (ABC Family) - Rock Bottom

Tonight MAKE IT OR BREAK IT officially introduces another social issue often faced by young adults. The episode “Rock Bottom” starts the progression of Kaylie’s fight with an eating disorder. Will Lauren, Emily, and Payson be there to support her, or will they be buried in their own problems? From tonight’s episode, it seems she will at least have Austin by her side.

Lauren reads the riot act to Steve for funding Emily’s gymnastics. Summer tries to offer her support to Lauren, who tells her about having sex, as well as adding that Chloe knew about it all along. Wicked girl! She knows Summer will go tell Steve and implicate Chloe. Carter isn’t happy about her actions either. Steve decides he can’t forgive Chloe for not telling him immediately.

Emily returns a portion of the fake endowment money to Steve. Her day goes from bad to worse when she returns home from work to the electricity shut-off and Brian about to have a seizure with no medication left. Emily goes to the pharmacist who says her brother’s medication is not covered by insurance. She doesn’t have the money and steals the medication. The police come to arrest her.

Payson works on her artistic gymnastics. She is getting far too fond of Sasha, and gets carried away and kisses him after a successful routine. Thank goodness he pushes her away. She runs off embarassed, as she should be (it’s on videotape).

Austin films Kaylie doing her vault and notices how shaky and unsteady she is. He tests her in a not-so-subtle way by trying to get her to eat. She was less than happy about his concern. But Austin’s concern stems from seeing his little sister struggling with anorexia. Kaylie promises not to over-train and restrict too many calories. She doesn’t keep her promise.

Make It or Break It is setting up for the season finale. The girls’ lives are going in a downward spiral. Lauren still doesn’t get what she wants from Carter (complete love and devotion). Emily will face some sort of punishment for theft. Payson probably wants the ground to eat her up. And Kaylie is headed for a psychological and physical battle over her body. I assume Kaylie’s storyline won’t be resolved until next season. I hope this is the case anyways, because a couple episodes are not enough to cover a topic as large as an eating disorder. (This story is a good comparison to the body image issues faced by the characters on Huge.) It’s hard to say how the other three stories will be handled. Interestingly enough, although Lauren and Emily are so different, they both have the same problem with self-confidence and just want to be accepted for who they are. And Payson always seems to have a storyline that goes off on a tangent from the others. What do you want to happen before the season ends?