TRUE BLOOD “Everything Is Broken” Review (Season 3 Episode 9)

True Blood Everything Is Broken

After last week‘s marvelous episode of TRUE BLOOD, this week’s episode “Everything Is Broken” didn’t thrill me as much, but there were plenty of great things to talk about nonetheless. So let’s get to it.

Sookie and Bill

Compared to last week, we didn’t get as much of Sookie and Bill in this episode to my chagrin. I really love these two, especially this season. However, we did find out that Sookie’s little cousin has the same abilities she has. Apparently it runs in the family. And of course Sookie finally asked Bill about the file he kept on her, which turns out wasn’t that big a deal.

But what was really interesting in this episode is that Bill found himself in the same “afterlife” place that Sookie went when she was in the coma. And he found out what Sookie is. But of course did the writers decide to tell us in this episode? Of course not, we’ll have to wait another week for that. Can’t wait!!!

Hoyt and Jessica

First off, Hoyt’s new girlfriend is a nightmare. She is sooo annoying and oh guess what, Hoyt thinks so too. And his reason for staying with her is so sweet that you can’t even fault him for it. But after that moment he had with Jessica, I’m guessing sparks may fly once again between these two. At least, I really hope so. They really are the cutest couple (although Lafayette and Jesus might be heading to the #1 spot).


I’m starting to like Tommy less and less every week, and it seems it’s also taking a toll on Sam, who totally lost it and kicked the shit out of Crystal’s father. Can anyone say “stress is bad for you”?


I honestly don’t understand why Jason is so attached to Crystal who obviously has issues, lots of them. I just wish he had something more interesting to do than hanging out with Crystal trying to help her get away from her family. He only had one redeeming scene in tonight’s episode, which I will talk about in Tara’s section (you know which one I’m talking about).


And for the biggest surprise of the night: Franklin’s not dead!
Although to be fair, Eric kept telling me that he probably wasn’t dead because we didn’t see him explode like Lorena did. So I guess he was right. But I guess the surprise was short lived since he was then killed (for real this time) by none other than Jason (the one redeeming scene I mentioned above of course).
Did anybody notice that this is the second guy he kills involved with Tara?


Eric gets put on house arrest and comes clean to the authorities about Russell, the only problem they don’t really want to deal with it. Instead they allow Eric to take care of Russell himself (off the books of course). But here’s a tiny problem, Russell is older than Eric by, oh I don’t know, thousands of years!!!


Tonight’s cliffhanger (and last scene) was for lack of a better word fraktastic! I mean in less than minute, Russell went psycho, killed an anchorman with one hand, and ruined everything the vampire authorities have spent years building. I mean you have to admire that! It’s sick!

And that leaves me waiting impatiently for next week, as I’m sure you are too. But until then, share some of your thoughts on tonight’s episode below. Did you like the episode? Were you as shocked as I was by Russell’s last scene? What about Crystal? Are you as annoyed as I am with her?

[As always please try to avoid the book spoilers for those who haven’t read them yet. If you do write a book spoiler without specifying that it is a spoiler beforehand, it will be removed immediately. Thank you for understanding 🙂 ]

  • Renee

    This show is so addictive to me! I wouldn’t dare give any spoilers from the books because, well, so much happens on the show that’s different from the novels anyway! I’m constantly surprised by the plot twists on the show and I’ve read all the books. Tonight’s episode was a case in point. How deliciously over-the-top evil is Russell Eddington? I laughed out loud and had to rewind Russell’s LIVE on-air vampire temper tantrum!

    Russell: Why would we want equality with you? You are NOT our equals! We will EAT you AND your children! (Pause…smile) And now the weather…Tiffany?

    Hah! Anyway, I agree with you, Sandie, it’s hard to decided who’s cuter – Jesus & Lafayette or Hoyt & Jessica (who I really hope get back together). Jessica is a character I absolutely adore! To me she’s a wildcard; I never know what to expect from her. As for Lafayette, to me he steals just about any scene he’s in. For his sake, I really hope Jesus doesn’t turn out to be something other than he currently seems to be (a really great partner for Lafayette). (We’ve seen him in daylight, so he’s not a secret vampire. He doesn’t seem to be a shapeshifter, or Sam would’ve known. I don’t particularly remember him meeting Sookie yet, though. To me, that’s always the real test.)

    I have to comment on Sookie and Bill, of course. I have to admit that I’m in a minority that just wants Sookie to be happy, whether it’s with Bill or not. I’d have been ok if she’d not gotten back together with him last week, and stayed available for a future relationship with Alcide (yum!). Anyway, we’re one step closer to finding out the “BIG SECRET” concerning Sookie and her powers. (If they try to stretch the “What is Sookie?” mystery out another episode, I’m going to call HBO and tell them this is “True Blood,” not a Soap Opera called “The Sun Also Sets.”)

    Hoorah for Tara taking steps to get stronger, going to the survivor’s meeting. I also love her dynamic with Lafayette. I’m glad they have each other to rely on.

    I’m beginning to think Jason Stackhouse might be getting a little shotgun happy. Now, I’m very glad for Tara that he came along this time. But YES, Sandie, I actually did think to myself, “Dang! Did Jason just blow away another guy in Tara’s life?” Well, at least she knows about this one and will appreciate it.

    Speaking of Jason, I CAN’T understand the attraction he feels for Crystal at all! I don’t see it. We all know Jason’s not the sharpest tool in the shed, but I thought he had enough sense to know to leave this troubled young woman the heck alone! I mean, there are plenty of nice, normal women around, like this sweet Holly lady. (Well, we think she’s normal now– for all we know she’s as psychotic as a maenad. Maryanne was all sweet and helpful at first, too. True Blood will make you such a skeptic.)

    I liked seeing the personal moment between Eric and Pam. We’ve never seen Pam shed her cool façade, and it was touching to know that she truly cares for her maker. I like Pam and hope we see more of her this season.

    I’m going to stop talking, errrr um typing, now. 😉

    • Renee – Really good point about Sookie meeting Jesus. Now I’m interested to find out what she’s going to hear from his thoughts.

      And I’m glad we’re on the page, it’s nice to know I’m not the only one rooting for Sookie (and Bill) 🙂

  • Yhin

    Well, I am deeply astonished on how this episode *Everything Is Broken* ended. I did say weeks before, I was curious (more like cautious) on how the King – Russell Edgington was going to be handled in regards to his downfall.

    Firstly, I am really keen to find out what Sookie is. I like the way its’ been handled up until now. So there are others like her – Hardly’s son!!!!. I always assumed Sookie was in some way the last of her kind (like Pegasus), or even a specie/creature that appeared once every millennium. Which was why it seemed so difficult for the other creatures to identity what she was?

    Moreover, Hardly mentions the sudden revelation that there is now a search for people like Sookie. If indeed there are others, it doesn’t quite add up. Furthermore, it only makes that very special nature of Sookie fade away.

    I do wander, if there is a story board script guide for villainous characters in stories because what’s more annoying than a low tier character from nowhere defeating the villainous character – is the total if not entirely blemish of that same character as depicting them as Crazy/Insane.

    Yes! Love makes people act irrational.
    Yes! Eric was right to strike at something very personal to the King.

    The misinterpretation is that this applies to everyone. No! It does not.
    Why, this should not apply to the King.

    * He has been around for over 3000 years, he has been very resourceful. More so, before killing the Magister, all his actions were that of been tactful and intelligent. By making the choices tailored to give him his desired outcome.

    * He should be able to handle both Win/Loss as the same, but also to make the choices others aren’t willing to make.

    He also exhibited some other attributes, not to forget those he controls. Which was why I felt he had little respect for Sophie-Anne Leclerq, when she said she was a Queen, since she was nothing like him regardless of age.

    The closing speech by the King, did catch me unaware and very much amused I must say. Looking back, I question his whole motive and regard it as rather stupid and unnecessary. Why at this stage would it be convenient, let alone at whatever time to set into motion WAR amongst your kind (vampire) and the enemy(humans). Fighting two separate parties at the same time is usually always a losing war.

    Yes! Fear is a powerful instrument, if wielded properly. In which he portrayed magnificently, but to what means? If indeed he has always been the tactician and resourceful person he has always been, then he would have been fully onboard with the whole AVL (American Vampire League) proposal. If anything, he just single headedly ruined their plans. For I felt, they were the true villains.

    Why! Their proposal is a two faced coin – Friend | Foe. As the key to the true conquest of an enemy (Humans) would be on the basis of false pretence before the killer strike, or simply destruction from within.

    Wow, that was a lot of writing, I’ll stop for now. I do hope it can get better from this.

    • Yhin – Interesting points about how a villain who is 3000 should be like.

      As for Hardly’s son, I do have to say as much as it was surprising, we had seen someone else with Sookie’s abilities last season. Remember Barry the bell boy. 🙂 I wonder what happened to him.

  • I could NOT believe that final scene last night. Russell’s crazy! I kind of like the idea of a war between humans and the vampires. It would suck for Sookie and Bill, but I think it could be very interesting. Since Russell controls a pack of wolves, other werewolves might get drawn into the conflict. I’m sure the Fellowship of the Sun would get involved as well. I can’t wait to see what happens.

    I’m also really interested in Sookie’s little cousin. Why did they introduce him now? I really want to know where they are going with that.

    • I like the idea of a war between humans and vampires. Might make the rest of the season really interesting.

  • I also thought this episode was slow until the end, but I think the ending made up for it. The Jason storyline is getting old. He needs something else to do entirely. Also, does anyone else wonder how Jason conveniently had wooden bullets in his shotgun? Does that mean that when he was wielding that thing at Crystal’s family, he planned on hitting them with wood? Baffling.

    Russell’s on air schitck was hilarioius, although I think, like another commenter said, to make him crazy/insane over the loss of his vampire mate kind of takes away from all of his years as a vampire, as a king, and as a clever warrior.

    Now, the preview where Eric tells Sookie that if he has to die without ever having a kiss from her he will regret it, that made me swoon!

    • Oh, and I will reply to myself and say that I knew Franklin wasn’t dead. You cannot kill a vampire by bashing his skull in, at least not in True Blood world. It is either stake (or wooden bullets) to the heart or beheading. I think Franklin is done now.

    • I love that you replied to yourself 🙂

      And at first I thought Franklin might be alive, but it took so long for him to come back I ended up thinking Tara really did kill him. But yes, now he’s definitely dead.

      And yes, that preview for next week looked amazing.