THE GATES “Dog Eat Dog” Review

The Gates (ABC)

Ever since I saw the preview at the end of last week, I had been looking forward to this week’s episode of THE GATES, called “Dog Eat Dog”. I don’t know about anyone else but I expect my vampires to kick a little ass. What’s the point of being a creature that is immortal and feeds off of blood if you’re not super strong to boot, right? So far we’ve only seen snippets of what vamps can do so I was really happy when I saw that there was going to be some action in this episode, especially since it was going to be Dylan doing the ass kicking when he finds out about Christian and Claire.

The war between vampires and werewolves also cranks up a notch in this episode as Simon (the alpha of the werewolf group) is attacked and found by a jogging Sarah the next morning. Nick is put on the case and though he knows about the vampires living in his community, he doesn’t have any idea about the lycanthropes. He follows every possible lead and when he does finally get wind of the wolves’ existence (by being yanked through a window by one), it turns out that the attack was done by Simon’s son Lukas, who was trying to protect his mother from her abusive husband.

Andie seems to be feeling better, but now that she’s off her medication for the succubus symptoms, how long will that last? Too afraid that she might hurt Charlie, Andie has decided to go back to Brett and the two of them are discussing if he’s strong enough for them to be together. I’ve been wondering the same thing myself and now that we’ve seen how well werewolves regenerate, it just might be possible.

My favorite bits…

Claire declaring that she loves Dylan and telling Christian to get lost, too bad he didn’t decide to listen to her.

Dylan waking up all vamped out when he felt Christian bite Claire.

I know it’s wrong, but I couldn’t help but to giggle when Andie said “sorry Charlie”. Anyone else think of tuna fish when they heard that?

It was heartbreaking to watch Dylan when he saw what Christian had done to his wife. So much emotion between those two, he wants to forgive her but she basically, for all intents and purposes, cheated on him with another man.. er vampire, and I could see how it was destroying him.

Andie telling her best friend (and her doctor’s daughter) what she really is.

Nick is doing well with finding out what other kind of residents are in The Gates. Maybe after the first shock of watching a vampire kill someone, everything else is just old news now.

The cold-blooded and meticulous way that Dylan poured the water on and then wiped his old friend’s face was actually more brutal than the bare-fanged attack earlier. He made sure every drop of sunscreen was off and then drove away as the sun rose. It was animalistic but underneath was simply husband protecting his wife. What woman doesn’t want that?

Coach Ross protecting Lukas against the rest of the pack by telling them that he (as beta) challenged Simon.

With each new episode of The Gates, I find myself getting more and more invested in these characters. All have their flaws but I like that the writers are showing us their good sides too. Lukas was an unlikeable person until we know that his father beat his mother. I automatically wanted to hate Brett but now that I think about it, I think he and Andie could be a good match.