LIE TO ME “Pied Piper” Review

LIE TO ME (Fox) "Pied Piper" Review

In LIE TO ME “Pied Piper”, Lightman sits in on the execution of a man he put away for the brutal kidnap and murder of a small boy seventeen years before. Cal is horrified when he hears truth in the man’s final words, claiming he didn’t do it. Cal jumps up in a panic when he realizes that an innocent man is about to be put to death, which I imagine has to be one of his worst nightmares.

No one listens and the man is executed as scheduled, but Cal can’t let it go and decides to look further into the case to see what he may have missed. Then things get more complicated when someone starts calling the murdered boy’s family after kidnapping their eldest son. To get to the truth, Cal then does everything from accuse the boy’s parents of creating the whole thing as a hoax to having himself admitted to a mental hospital.

With the help of his team (though a few are growing uneasy about his mental state), Cal discovers that the executed man did kidnap the boy, but it was his brother who committed the actual murder. Luckily they track down the latest kidnap victim and capture the brother before it’s too late.

My favorite bits…

David Marciano as the prisoner. I’ve always loved him ever since he was on Due South.

Emily walking in to her mother’s kitchen, finding her parents fighting and her first reaction is to say “I didn’t do it”.

The super creepy child-like voice of the Pied Piper.

Cal’s very snazzy blue and red scarf.

Eli and Torres theorizing why Cal is showing no emotions over possibly getting an innocent man executed. Personally I’m with Torres – it’s totally a mask.

This line from Cal: “I was expecting lads in varsity jackets, not meat and two veg”. (which is slang for man parts, LOL).

Finding out that Cal and Reynolds have a long standing bet that if anyone says “it’s for research” Cal wins and if they say “it’s not mine” then Reynolds wins.

Foster busting in on Eli and Torres, knowing exactly what they had been discussing and giving them both a verbal smackdown for even thinking about leaving Cal after all he’s done for them.

Cal’s rant to the doctor about Reynolds. I especially loved the way he talked to his little invisible friend and then asked for Jell-O. Oh Cal, how you slay me.

Watching Tim playing full on psycho. I’ve never seen him do that one before and oh my god was it hilarious. The messed up hair was the icing on the cake.

Cal chewing off his hospital bracelet while Reynolds was busy chewing him out.

Cracking up when Emily figured out that she was born only seven and a half months after her parents were married. I had a very similar realization about my birthday when I was a teen myself. So sweet how Cal reassured her she wasn’t a mistake.

Emily figuring out a way to turn her parent’s terror at thinking she was missing into a way to ask for a new car.

Overall I thought this was a fantastic episode of Lie To Me. The only thing I could have wished for is to have seen a bit more emotion from Cal. I know he’s the tough guy and has to bottle it all up, but we’re near the end of season 2 now and I’d like to see what might actually make him break one of these days.