Kevin Alejandro to Woo PARENTHOOD’s Sarah

Kevin Alejandro

It looks like Sarah (Lauren Graham) will be getting plenty of action in the upcoming season of PARENTHOOD. Entertainment Weekly reports that Kevin Alejandro (True Blood’s Jesus) will join the show for multiple episodes as a potential love interest for Sarah who works in the warehouse at Adam’s (Peter Krause) company.

Given that William Baldwin has already been cast as Gordon Flint, Adam’s boss and another potential beau for Sarah, we could be looking at a steamy–and potentially very uncomfortable for Adam–love triangle.

Parenthood has also cast Zosiah Mamet (United States of Tara) as Kelsey, Amber’s wealthy new friend. Kelsey’s background causes problems for Sarah because it takes Amber places she can’t follow.

What do you think about these plans to heat up Parenthood? Is the Amber-Kelsey-Sarah story too reminiscent of Gilmore Girls?