EUREKA “Momstrosity” Review

EUREKA "Momstrosity" Review

The main storyline in this week’s action packed episode of EUREKA, “Momstrosity”, involves the different Artificial Intelligence systems in Eureka suddenly developing glitches. S.A.R.A.H., the AI for Carter’s house, decided to usurp some programming from a little robot called EMO to help get Deputy Andy (the android) to have feelings for her. EMO is used to show high school students in Eureka how to be a parent, instead of the more traditional egg or sack of flour. The new software code infects AIs at Global Dynamics human emotions, with less than optimal results, leading to some near misses at the GD labs and around Eureka.

While the AI crisis is hitting Eureka, Carter, Kevin, Dr. Grant, and Fargo are in the midst of a camping trip and not everyone is getting along. Fargo is upset that Carter and Grant don’t want to use the advanced camping technology he brought along. Kevin is upset that Carter is trying to lecture him and that he didn’t tell him about his feelings for Allison. Carter and Grant hate each other for liking Allison. This all ends with Kevin running away with EMO, Carter and Grant calling a truce to find him, and Fargo being trapped by his tent’s AI.

Back in town, Jo has found that the software code causing the glitches came from S.A.R.A.H. The solution is to shut down all the AI’s at Global Dynamics until Zane wipes the code from their programs. The one AI they can’t shut down, though, is Tiny, who is on a transport from Eureka to NASA. It turns out that Tiny’s emotion code makes it act like a mother to EMO, and she breaks out of the transport in order to get her child back.

When Carter and Grant finally find Kevin and bring him back to the camp, Tiny arrives in her bad-ass super spider robot glory. The guys make a run for it, while trying to duck Tiny’s laser, and end up in Fargo’s Subaru making a mad dash to the GD Security roadblock, which leads us to a Jurassic Park style chase with Tiny playing the role of the T-Rex.

Tiny does catch up to the campers right as they make it to safety, and traps Kevin. In the middle of trying to free Kevin, Carter realizes that Tiny is just trying to get back to EVO, and the rover stands down once they present EMO to it. There’s a fun parallelism in the scene, where Allison is hugging Kevin and Tiny is hugging EMO. Back safe in Eureka, Carter talks to Kevin and confesses that he does love Allison, then tells Grant to step off.

The other major storyline for the week was Henry and Grace’s relationship, and I wanted to address it separately from the AI / human emotion plotline. Henry was originally scheduled for the camping trip, but bows out to help Grace with her project. Turns out that he does have feelings for Grace and feels like he’s falling in love with her. During the experiment, Henry spills the beans about the entire time travelling adventure to the 1940’s Eureka, which Grace does not take well and runs out of the room. As Henry chases after Grace, the experiment AI starts to shock Henry, but does no permanent damage.

Later in the episode, Grace comes to see Henry in the garage where they have an emotional scene. Grace realizes the Henry she married is gone, while the Henry she has now is not in love with her. Henry returns his wedding band to Grace, but tells her that while he’s not the Henry she married, he wants to be with her.

This episode had too many great moments to try to squeeze into one review (even with the large recap above). I was glad that we are finally starting to see some fight in Carter when it comes to Allison, it was getting a little old to see him try to wait things out while Grant is swooping in from the wings. Colin Ferguson and James Callis are just playing these roles perfectly and I think its going to pay off huge through the later half of the season. The Henry and Grace scenes were insanely good, the tension that built up after Henry told his secret and the later meeting at the garage were a good payoff to the way that relationship had been building all season. I really thought that Grace was going to take Henry back, but it’s clear that her trust in Henry is gone and it will take some time for him to redeem himself in her eyes. The acting on this show right now is excellent and I really hope they can continue to maintain it through the season.

Kudos again to the Eureka writers, the plot this week was a lot of fun and had a lot of interesting twists and turns, while keeping a good pace. There’s a lot of interesting ways the season can go based on this episode, and I have a feeling some seeds were planted for future episode storylines (especially in the Jo and Zane department). I especially liked for the writers worked in some of the movie easter eggs in this episode; the Jurassic Park car chase, the Psycho-like shower scene with Jo, and Fargo’s again channeling the Terminator. Lastly, I have to say that the robot who played EMO was way too cute, it looked like what you’d get if Wall-E and EVE had a kid.

What did you think of “Momstrosity”? Who wins Allison’s heart between Grant and Carter? Will Henry and Grace be able to patch things up? Let me know in the comments! Next week, Zoe comes home for a visit, love blooms in Eureka, and some of the citizens are facing some stone cold realities. Tune in to Eureka for “Stoned” next Friday at 9PM EST.

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