Dani’s Top 5 TV Shows: #5 – HARPER’S ISLAND

harper's island

It is rather hard to narrow down your top 5 TV shows of all time. However, when asked to do so, HARPER’S ISLAND immediately jumped out at me. I don’t think I have ever had so much fun watching a TV show and then thoroughly discussing the latest kill and who I thought the killer was.

What it is about.

Harper’s Island was a TV show designed to be a mini horror show. The writers promised a death a week and they lived up to their promise and more! The story was centered around Abby a young lady that grew up on Harper’s Island and who later left never to return after her mother was found dead hanging from a tree. Evidently Harper’s Island had a killer loose and after her mother’s death, Abby left and vowed never to return. That is, until her best friend from the island, Harry, decided to get married on the island. Setting aside her fear of returning to the island and her common sense, Abby returned for the weekend leading up to the wedding. Almost immediately, the members of the wedding party and guests find themselves fighting to stay alive, most of them unsuccessfully.

What I love about it.

Never before has a TV show actually lived up to the hype of a horror movie. There were a lot of deaths and the viewers even got to see the actual kills. It also managed to keep the viewers guessing and debating the identity of the killer until the very end. Every week I was excited to tune in to see what would happen, who would die and to try to unravel the mystery. Perhaps it is because I am such a horror movie buff, but no other show grabbed my interest as much as that one. Of course, I also have a soft spot in my heart for the show as it led to serious interaction with the editors and commenters here at Daemon’s TV.

Why you should watch it.

It is rare for a TV show to come out with a theme, a plan and an end game and actually see it through. For example, did anyone attempt to watch the show Reunion? You probably never heard of it because it was cancelled midway through the season and left its viewers, including myself, extremely disappointed that we would never find out who killed the cast’s classmate. Harper’s Island made up for that. Despite its low ratings, Harper’s Island stuck through to the end and never lost sight of its goal or end game. Perhaps if the ratings had been better, it would have been renewed for a second season and gone on to peter out past its prime. Since it did not have the chance to do so, though, you get to watch a perfectly executed horror movie in TV show format.

If you like the older horror movies before all of the blood and gore seemed to take center stage and you like a bit of mystery too, you should give Harper’s Island a chance. To further entice you, it had among its case Harry Hamlin, Katie Cassidy, Christopher Gorham, and fun names for each episode like “Whap.” It is the little show that could, in my opinion.