Recap: BIG BROTHER 12 Week 5 PoV Competition/ Veto Ceremony


Hell hath no fury like a showmance scorned. Let’s just say Rachel and Brendon are not too happy about being putting up on the block by HOH Matt and they don’t care who knows it. This is the only alliance I have ever seen on BIG BROTHER who didn’t seem to understand that they need others NOT to vote them out of the house. Rachel and Brendon carried on like whiny babies, yelling at Matt, calling him a midget and crying to each other about how they can’t go on without each other. Ugh. This is why when you are an alliance and keep on winning HOH, you attempt to make nice with the rest of the folks of the house.

Brendon promises Rachel, while they are both weeping over their situation, that he will win the POV and use it on her, but Rachel won’t take it sin;ce she knows she can’t make it without Brendon. Sadly, Rachel seems to have forgotten that she’s done nearly everything in this game without Brendon. Also, all this stress is doing one hell of a number on Rachel as her skin is freaking out hardcore, her extensions look terrible and overall she looks a mess.

The houseguests get a chance to practice for tomorrow’s bowling POV challenge and apparently, this gives Rachel another reason to unleash her never ending river of fake tears. If this chick does anything after the show, I hope she invests in acting lessons so she can learn what a crying person should look like. The showman ramble on about fighting tomorrow and taking back the game, which will all know is impossible with these people’s attitudes.

And for the the real veto competition,which doesn’t really matter since Mat has that diamond Super Power of Veto, the houseguests get to pick who plays. Matt and Ragan are definite thanks to last week’s game, as are nominees Brendon and Rachel. Britney is picked and Brendon gets houseguest choice, choosing Enzo because he knows he never wins these types of games. This week’s POV competition brings in some very necessary guests – Jeff and Jordan – the adorable showman from last year who knew how to play the game and ultimately won. They chatted about still being in love, Jordan waiting for ring and Jeff’s latest TV show. Seriously, I can’t get enough of this duo and everyone should learn how to play the game from these folks. Anyways….. on to bowling.

Rachel is first, and stress gets the best of her and she loses to Kathy, who once aging says she is good at something and then fails. Then comes Brendon and he blows, like in every competition. Britney is next and knocks out Brendon, ruining any chance the showmance had at saving themselves this week. Then Enzo comes up, he challenges Britney again and she once again knocks someone out. It’s then Ragans turn and he knocks own seven pins, challenges Matt, who gets nine, eliminating Ragan and putting Britney, Kathy and Matt head to head. Kathy loses quickly, and ultimately Britney wins another POV challenge. This little blonde girl is someone to watch out for folks and I hope she gets to stay until the end.

Somehow Jeff and Jordan’s happiness really set of Rachel, who I think thought her and Brendon could be just like them, and believes that Kathy being happy that Rachel lost is worthy of an all out blowout. Rachel once again attacks Kathy with a whole lot of nonsense until Hayden interferes and lets Rachel know that she’s crazy and when she wins she’s a monster so she can’t expect us all to feel bad for her now. Before the POV meeting, Ragan is called into the diary room and given three options for his saboteur tasks. He vetoes hiding Rachel’s extensions or putting stinky cheese in someone’s bedroom, but welcomes the challenges to pin Brendon and Rachel against one another. Right before the meeting, the Saboteur takes to the screen announcing that Brendon has been throwing the competitions to further his game, but Rachel doesn’t believe one word of this nonsense. The only thing this message did was make everyone in the house think Rachel was the saboteur, which means the houseguests apparently think America is just as stupid as they are.

Rachel reaches out to Britney and offers her the $5,000 she won in last week’s POV challenge if she used the POV on her and Britney declines the offer. This of course makes Rachel pissy, when isn’t she, once again. Brendon said he would take one for the team and convince the guests to vote him out, but we all know that isn’t happening. When it comes down to the actually POV meeting, Rachel once again offers the money and Brendon calls out Britney for moving from an alliance with him and Rachel, as well as Matt and Ragan, but Britney isn’t biting and decides not to use it on anyone. We are then forced to listen to Rachel and Brendon’s nonsense once again and how they will fight the powers in the house. Sadly, they will be doing it alone.

So who do you think will be getting the ax this week? Is Rachel too much of a nuisance, and a liability, to keep around?