DARK BLUE “Shelter of the Beast” Review

DARK BLUE (TNT) - Season 2 Episode 3-Shelter of the Beast

If you are a fan of dark, witty, romantic undercover stories with deep characters, compelling acting and some awesome stunts, then sadly, DARK BLUE‘s third episode “Shelter of the Beast” of its second season was not for you. Carter and the gang tries to take down a Mexican drug lord whilst Dean goes undercover and gets involved with a drug dealer’s daughter.

I’m going to start with the good. Firstly, Tricia Helfer. She plays FBI Agent Alex Rice, Carter’s love interest and case leader. I want her character to be killed off because Tricia Helfer is, unfortunately, too good for such a stupid role. I mean, come on! She was Number Six on BSG! She’s near the top of a list of Emmy snubs. She is awesome and her role is not.

Secondly, Dark Blue has a weird way of hooking me. The first five or ten minutes of almost every episode are usually quite strong. This one was no exception, and I was beginning to think the show had finally stumbled onto some interesting territory where they had a complex and intriguing plot that would affect the characters we care (or should care) about. Unfortunately this hope was dashed when the actual casework began. Specifically, it failed around the hookers.

I suppose Carter posing as a porn producer was supposed to be the height of risqué. It was cringeworthy. The Disney Channel would have more sex than in last night’s porn party on Dark Blue. Firstly, would you ever, in a million years, at your boss’ behest, dress in a bikini or skanky dress (or swimming trunks if you’re a guy) just because that might, maybe, perhaps entice a hotshot business man to buy into your company. No? I’m shocked. Well, that’s what the FBI did in this episode. But don’t worry; the party was PG. There was no groping, no touching beyond an arm around the shoulder, and absolutely no sex because at the hint of such an immoral and unethical (now they’re worried) action, a Mexican standoff is staged.

The less said about Nicki Aycox’s ‘acting’ and her character Jamie’s storyline with Manny, an informant, the better.

There was a shootout, but this was also lame, with no one save the baddies ever being in any real danger.

The plot was horrible; Dean blows his cover with Maria’s father because otherwise Maria’s life will be put in danger. The whole Maria-in-danger arc was contrived just so Dean could commit such a noble act and show us (for the hundredth time) that he’s actually a nice guy.

Maria’s father, a big drug dealer, has no security. Even the kids in The Wire have other kids guarding them. He doesn’t even have one right-hand man?

He pours Dean a whiskey called ‘Shelter of the Beast’. Did he say something that was meant to be in Gaelic? (Gaelic being Welsh; Gaeilge is Irish. And if it was Irish, then his pronunciation sucked so badly I couldn’t make it out, even after rewinding four times). I digress.

With Dean’s cover blown, Carter loses his cool, breaks Garza’s car window but before he struts any further and puts himself in danger, Rice orders him to stand down. He’s rebellious and refuses. She tells him again and he is as obedient as a puppy. Later, Rice blabbers about a shrink and self-destructive hate of losing. It’s dull. Much like this episode. Rice and Carter make out. It’s predictable. Much like…well, you get the picture.

What did you think of Dark Blue? Did you enjoy it? Do you think Carter and Rice have a spark? Did you catch what Finn said as Gaeilge-or was it Welsh? The drink being whiskey, I assumed it was Irish. Let me know in the comments below!