THE DEEP (BBC) “Into the Belly of the Beast” Review

Sitting down to review THE DEEP‘s second episode, ‘Into the Belly of the Beast’, I find myself a loss for things to say. It’s not that the episode was particularly bad, it just wasn’t particularly good either. Last week set up a mystery that could have become something thrilling, but instead we were left with 60 minutes of not all that much happening. So, rather than say nothing about nothing, I’ll just rehash part of what happened in the episode and ask for your views.

After establishing that they can’t get power to the moon pool chamber, thereby leaving Frances and Samson (who shall henceforth be known as ‘Franson’) trapped, Clem tells them to take the submersible up to the mysterious craft above them. They get up there and find a whole bunch of crew members dead, apparently killed by whatever killed Maddy.

Meanwhile, Clem has a flashback to Catherine in their home office closing down her work, telling him she’s ready to come to bed. A toy submersible with a figure inside hangs above her desk. Back in the present, he goes to see Raymond who tells him that Catherine’s work was important enough for her to be killed. Clem rushes out of the cool room and has a nosebleed. Raymond escapes shortly afterwards. He give everyone a ‘shame on you’ speech; they call a silent truce. Svetlana decides the craft above them is Russian since it has great welding. Seriously.

Franson find the winch controls and raise the Orpheus into the huge Russian craft’s – it seems to just be a giant submarine – moon pool. It seems that great welding or not, the Russians, too, are stupid enough to put moon pools in their submarines.

Then Franson have another ‘what does my wife know about us’ moment, which is funny since they’re possibly dying from radiation poisoning. Hey, Samson? Nobody cares! You keep worrying about what your wife knows when you’re near death, but newsflash! If you’re dead you won’t feel her wrath. It’s okay to worry more about your survival!

FYI, the radiation levels are normal. You’re not dying. Continue.

Everyone regroups on an Orpheus but then hear a clanging on the Russian submarine. They all go to investigate in pairs, even Vincent and Raymond who had been ordered to stay put and do an autopsy on Maddy and one of the dead Russians.

Vincent was chosen for this because Samson (the first choice) had wandered off and Vincent is a ‘scientist’. I don’t think we’ve actually been told what kind of scientist Vincent is (and point of note: aren’t all of them are supposed to be scientists, possibly aside from Raymond?) but we do find out that his first and only dissection was on a rabbit back in college. Anyway, he gets back to the Orpheus, randomly cuts the Russian dead guys’ head open, and finds that his brain is discoloured. I’m not entirely sure why he decided to start by looking at the brain. Or where Frances learned to be Captain of a submarine by making bad decisions.

Speaking of Frances, she and Svetlana look around the Russian submarine and find a room that’s handily labelled ‘Ultra High Energy Deep Skin Radar’. They head back to the Orpheus.

Anyway, Samson and Clem find the source of the clanging, an injured Russian. He attacks them, knocking Clem unconscious. There’s a lot of kneeing in groins before Samson finally bashes the Russian in the face with his flashlight. Two other Russian crew members, Stas and Arkady, come along, and shoot Samson with a rubber bullet and haul him off toward the moon pool.

There, they line the crew of the Orpheus up on the deck. Frances happens to glance up and sees a giant dish which is presumably part of the Ultra High Energy Deep Skin Radar. In a flash of inspiration, Frances declares that it enough energy to get through ‘miles of rock, all the way to the oil’. What oil? To do what to said oil? Who knows. No one questions Frances about this for the rest of the episode.

Clem, meanwhile, has found his way to the moon pool deck and is heading for the Orpheus when he sees a robotic arm laying around. He goes to investigate while Arkady pops his head out of the Orpheus’ hatch for a smoke. Around a corner, Clem finds a room containing the dismantled remains of Casper, the Hermes’ submersible – the very one Catherine was in when she went missing. He calls for Frances, who comes running. Clem says he knew Catherine was down there – but where is she now?

Back on the surface, Scarlet (Clem and Catherine’s daughter) and her grandmother return home to find the front door open. They go in to check for intruders and find Catherine’s study ransacked. The toy submersible has been broken open, the figure inside gone.

There’s also a side plot with Hatsuto and Lowe and missing information on the sonar images from last week. It’s dull. If it’s important, I’ll mention it next week.

So what did you think about this episode of The Deep? Were you also apathetic or did you like it? Can you shed light on any of the science errors? And any guesses when Raymond will start feeling pain from those deep gouges on his cheek?