RESCUE ME “Forgiven” Review

RESCUE ME Season 6 Episode 7 Forgiven

The closing of the firehouse perturbs the locals, who stage a protest. Later, the boys respond to a school fire. And in the wake of Gavin’s successful tough love approach to end his daughter’s drinking problem, he and his wife try to reconcile over dinner.

This episode of RESCUE ME “Forgiven” was fluid, flowing from issue to problem to concern to fight to sex without much pause. It was a solid episode overall, not as good as some of the early season, but for an episode introducing new storylines it did well. We were taught several life lessons: A brother loves his brother by way of the fist. You don’t hit on your friend’s wife. And most importantly, Grease is a pretty highbrow movie. Also, I liked how the school fire scene flowed into an awkward apology scene; the transition from action tension to undercurrent tension was great.

A few things I didn’t like:

Gavin’s oldest daughter throws up so often, a stranger’d think she has bulimia. She ralphed three times in this episode, in rapid succession no less. Her drinking problems seem to be cured by her pavolvian respond to alcohol–the aforementioned vomiting. We’ll see if it sticks.

Damien’s declaration that he might quit being a firefighter was too abrupt for my tastes, bursting a large tension bubble building for many episodes. Even if he was to sit on the sidelines while the school burns before he realizes something profound, popping all that tension for a lousy two-scene turnaround is a waste of our time.

Each time I see the priest, I like him less. Maybe I don’t understand because I’m not Irish and/or Catholic, but the priest feels like a mobster wearing the cloth. Like a Buddhist monk who preaches lack of attachment, but is consistently drunk and begging for money. And now the man is hitting on Gavin’s cousin’s widow, claiming she’s the type of woman who digs priests for the “freedom” of inhibition in such situations. On the other hand, the man is respectable, as he helped rescue the children from the school fire.

So far, this season of Rescue Me is shaping up nicely. I’m looking forward to what cliffhanger ending they cook up this time around. See you next week!

Steven – Sold Out Activist