LOUIE “Dogpound” Review

LOUIE: Louis C.K.

If Louis C.K. was trying to avoid the constant comparison to Larry David’s Curb Your Enthusiasm,last night’s episode didn’t help the cause. Middle aged men smoking weed, hallucinating and avoiding the jibber jabber around them might make the two shows look similar, but last night’s ‘Dogpound’ episode of LOUIE brought the show to a surreal point where the inner workings of C.K.’s mind were evident. And with its singular title, ‘Dogpound’, we understood that Louie is rarely comfortable in his own life, which allows us the viewers to laugh at the unsettled grown man.

Generally, Louie seems indifferent with his children, almost clumsily moving through his parental duties, but last night we got a glimpse as to a possible reason why – he’s nervous he isn’t doing it right. Opening the show with the standard stand-up set, he explains how hard it is to fully love his kid who he sees all the time, but when they aren’t around he is miserable. Louie’s girls are all set to leave for a week with their mother, who we have still yet to see, and it overwhelms Louie with a depression. He knows when they are away he will do nothing but eat junk, lay around and be a bum. These are things that you can not get away with two young children around you, but it’s not something he actually wants to do. He gives in to his temptations and finds himself in a pizza and ice cream induced coma woken by the stench of marijuana. As he finds his way down the hall to ask his neighbor to be a bit more careful with his recreational use, he is pulled into the room and is taken on his own surreal trip, including drugs, vodka and the case of the missing dogs.

One of the greatest single moments of television follows when Louie, wearing sunglasses and looking like death warmed over, drags himself into the local coffee shop, and for those of us who reside in New York City this is an all too familiar hell. Gibberish delivered by hipster zombies burns through his mind when he finally successfully orders himself a coffee to go. As he tries to worm his way through the coffee aided masses, he finds himself only able to communicate with a dog outside the cafe and thinks he should adopt a dog. Somehow at the pound he is swayed into bringing home an elderly pooch, who sadly passes four minutes into his stay at home, right before his daughters return from their week with their mom. And if you are like most of us who watched, you might not have fully understood what just happened in this episode, but you definitely were left feeling satisfied. It almost seems when C.K. doesn’t try too hard with the plot he succeeds more with Louie. What did you think about ‘Dogpound’ and Louie’s surreal trip down marijuana lane?