WHITE COLLAR “Unfinished Business” Review

WHITE COLLAR "Unfinished Business" Review

In this episode of WHITE COLLAR, called “Unfinished Business” Neal thinks he’s going under cover to catch a bond thief. But things go awry when the man he’s pretending to be turns out to be a hired killer. Not only that, but the person Neal is supposed to kill is an insurance investigator that testified at his trial.

They decide to let the bad guys think that the investigator, Sara, is dead and see what happens. Turns out that the bond thief hired a hitman to kill her because she was getting close to uncovering the fact that he murdered someone twenty years ago, stole their identity and their hefty inheritance.

Meanwhile Mozzie and Neal are still trying to get to the bottom of what happened in the explosion that killed Kate. Coincidentally they use Sara’s name to get hold of the black box recordings but unfortunately never get a chance to get their hands on them in the ensuing mess.

My favorite bits…

Neal comparing Peter taking him to the restaurant and not letting him eat, to him taking Peter to Yankee Stadium and not letting him see the game.

Sara managing to thwack the car thief before Peter could even pull his gun on him.

Mozzie taking Neal to see the wreckage from the plane. I can’t imagine how hard that must have been for him, looking at the thing that caused Kate’s death. Though I’m still not convinced that she’s actually dead.

This bit cracking me up so hard:
Neal: “She..”
Peter: “No.”
Neal: “I’m.”
Peter: “No.”
Neal: “But.”
Peter: (holds up a finger)
Neal: “Fine.”

Peter pointing out that the Bureau’s rate might be one in twenty, but not his. Nice.

Being totally impressed when Neal knew exactly what kind of gun was in the case and putting it together like a pro. Okay seriously, what is up with him knowing about guns??

Peter ordering Jones to find Sara some pants. Something tells me that’s an order he’s never had to give before.

Sara busting out the recorder every time Neal started talking to her.

Neal’s pick pocketing abilities including being able to swipe a gun off a trained body guard. Now, that there is some talent.

Both Neal and Peter taking the time to talk to Sara and help her with the issues she was facing after “dying”.

Peter betting Sara that Neal would bring up The Telltale Heart.. hey I can’t blame him, Poe was the first thing that came to my mind when I heard the story.

Neal betting Sara that Peter would say they needed more evidence. Poor girl should have realized that those two know each other too well.

Jumping when the assassin shot Neal’s reflection in the mirror.

The dejected look Neal gave the envelope sitting on Sara’s table before Peter called him out the door.

Another smart and funny episode of White Collar that had me on my toes a little bit with Neal’s life in danger more than once. I also enjoyed the Sara character a lot and wonder if she might be back again at some point in the future.