WAREHOUSE 13 “Around the Bend” Review

Warehouse 13 (Syfy)--Around the Bend

After an artifact search goes wrong, Pete finds himself trying to take down a regent on the twisty “Around the Bend” episode of WAREHOUSE 13. Pete acts erratically during a mission to retrieve an earthquake-causing walking stick, to the point that Myka calls for an intervention because she thinks he`s drinking. Pete thinks he’s on a mission from Mrs. Frederick to find a breach in the warehouse and he soon believes Valda is selling artifacts and threatening the team. He sets up a meeting with Valda at a junk yard, and is set to shoot him when Artie and Myka arrive. They figured out that a telegraph Pete played with at the museum where they found the walking stick was an artifact that caused many soldiers to go insane and that Pete has been having paranoid delusions. Artie manages to shock him back to reality before he can kill anyone.

“Around the Bend” is darker and more intense than we usually see with Warehouse 13. There are nice twists, and I like that clues like the tapping sounds and the waitress’s odd look are there. Because the regents are so mysterious, it’s easy to buy one of them could go rogue and I totally bought into the story. I love that Artie’s first attempt to re-balance Pete comes in the form of “Oye Como Va.” It’s just so gloriously random. The shoot-out scene is the most intense we’ve seen on Warehouse 13, and I like that we saw more of Valda and that he’s willing to forgive, of not forget. Plus, we see Pete touch Mrs. Frederick’s face and survive.

Eddie McClintock has some meaty material to work with and he does an excellent job as a man on the brink. The paranoia, seething rage, and fear are all just beneath the surface and I like how he looks increasingly exhausted and desperate as his paranoia grows throughout the episode. He also has terrific chemistry with Tia Carrere, but my favorite interaction is between Pete and Myka. Her desperation rivals his as he drifts farther away from her

As much as I like this episode, a part of me is disappointed the breach is a hallucination. I think that could be a terrific long-term arc and goodness knows Mark Sheppard is the perfect actor to play a charmingly conniving bastard. Of course, since Pete senses vibes, it could be that the reason he got so fixated on Valda is that he is subconsciously senses something is off. Is it foreshadowing or wishful thinking on my part?

Comic relief comes in the form of a small Claudia subplot where she finds the contingency plan stored on the computer that lists all the ways she can be eliminated. Upset at first, she recovers and gives Artie her preferred method of dying. All we know is that it involves David Bowie and Artie can reach him. Claudia also tells Artie Todd dumped her and he awesomely asks if she wants him to call Todd.

Warehouse 13 takes a chance with this episode, sending Pete far from his usual goofy self, and it pays off with a fun roller coaster ride. What did you think? Were you disappointed it was all in Pete’s head?

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