the secret life of the american teenager

It is the last day of school in episode ten, My Girlfriend’s Back, of the third season of SECRET LIFE OF THE AMERICAN TEENAGER.

Ben is wondering when Amy is going to call him back, seeing as it’s “way past soon.” He’s moaning about how Amy is so totally not sympathetic to his situation. Adrian and Ricky are tired with Ben moaning about Amy. Ben is acting like an idiot; he is paying minimal attention to Adrian. His father (who knows all of Ben’s friends, most of whom I swear I’ve never heard of) wants him to forget about Amy and go downstairs and enjoy the end of year party that his friends have thrown.

Meanwhile Ricky decides to go visit Amy in New York. It’s the first time they have been together, alone. For once the Juergens act like real parents and are reluctant to let him go. Ricky makes good of his promise and only kisses Amy. It is so much better than the Ashley and Ricky kiss, which was just creepy.

In New York Ricky and Amy spend time getting to know each other. They are actually a nice couple. I’d even go so far as to say they’re quite cute.

Elsewhere, Grant and Grace hit it off. Madison is peeved about Grace and Jack. Tom and Ben share their heartache. Oh teenage angst! Clearly the only two sane characters are Alice and Henry who have always been Ben’s reliable friends/psychiatrists.

This episode featured a lot of people sharing beds and lamenting either the lack of sex or broken relationships.

I realize I’ve been quite critical of Secret Life of the American Teenager. With good reason. But this episode was actually good. The script was realistic enough, the acting wasn’t too bad, and the plot developments were interesting. I really cannot believe I’m writing this, but last night’s episode of the Secret Life was entertaining.

What did you think of this latest episode of Secret Life of the American Teenager “My Girlfriend’s Back”? Are you annoyed about Ben, especially since his proposed proposal to Adrian is just a spiteful way to get Amy back? Or do you think Amy should just tell Ben they’re over? Is Amy acting selfish, especially since Ben stuck by her when she was pregnant? Leave your comments below!